My Encounter with a Raging Alcoholic at King Cole Bar

Do people have a drinking problem in NYC or is it just my unfortunate experience? I was a month newly relocated to NYC and I decided to venture to King Cole bar, it was my 2nd time there. According to the grapevine, it was a hotspot for ladies of the night. Let's just say my evening turned out to be a disaster. I do not often freestyle, in fact, barely ever lol, you could say I'm horrible at it, but my goal for the year was to go out more and be less of a homebody. Although I'm introverted, I do love to socialize, I've been trying, well more like forcing myself to go out more. I possibly am an ambivert. I see myself floating both ways at times, however, I do enjoy being at home in my shell. I am a crab after all. This outing was to be a freestyling trip, if you're not familiar with the term, it reads as it is, to freestyle and meet potential suitors. You'll never meet anyone being at home right?! Ahahaha. And my mother is always hammering me about dating, my boyfriends, and whatnot. I was excited to move to NYC, a big city with more opportunities, a lot more if you know what I mean *wink, so diverse with so many things to do, it was perfect for me. I had plans. Anyways, I'm rambling, now back to freestyling...

I've honestly never successfully picked up someone while I'm out. I must be intimidating or something I don't know, too pretty ahahaha. Am I being vain? Truly, this is what I think at times, what other reason would there be? It sucks. When I'd read tales of other ladies, they'd make it seem like it was easy but in my case, it just never panned out. Nonetheless, I figured it'd still be an experiment to work on my social skills even if nothing happens. This particular evening, I ran into someone I met at Cipriani earlier in the week, I'll call him Mr. Bellini, quite well known, but a functional alcoholic, my encounter with him at Cipriani was errh..., not much to write home about, let's say he was drunk as usual but this tale is not about him, this tale is about someone else I met at the bar.

My evening started at the Mandarin Oriental, it was a boring Thursday. I stopped by to have dinner at the Aviary but they were fully booked and offered to sit me at a bar behind a hidden door, it was a more casual setting with a very limited menu, the Office it is called, a speakeasy bar but it didn't seem like such that night. I left after an hour, not only was it quiet and dull but I wanted a full meal and they didn't have anything appealing to me. Womp womp womp...sad trombone, A fail!

I did have a drink and a mini appetizer, a single truffle ravioli. It was an explosion of flavor in my mouth, absolutely exquisite! I thoroughly enjoyed it, but it was so small. I then left the building and hailed an Uber, on to the next spot! Lavo.

My plan to "freestyle" at that location was ruined. Do I get an A for effort, for trying to go out? I think I deserve it!! I was following a list I had seen on Instagram, being as I had just relocated to the Big Apple, it had a list of happening places to "be spotted" and I was looking to explore my new environment.

I'd previously been to Lavo a few times before I relocated to NYC, the food was decent over there. Unfortunately for me, it was a bit noisy that evening, turns out there was some after-work event was going on there so not much success in mingling either. I did come to enjoy a meal, so I sat and did that. Figures, I'd have bad luck on the night I decide to go out, but no worries. It was just one night, I decided to hang my shoes up for the evening and head home, a nice walk to burn off my branzino dinner and do some thinking would help.

Honestly, that evening I had a lot on my mind, somethings I don't discuss and the walk was relaxing to me, helped get my mind off some things, as I write this I vividly remember but it's a bit personal to mention, more along the lines of disappointment and heartache if you'd like a mini summary, or possible overthinking on my part, who knows. As I trekked on, I realized I was in the same neighborhood as the King Cole Bar. I'd previously been there the weekend earlier and decided to check it out again on a Thursday night, why not? It was on my way home and I had some time. I suspect for the other locations, maybe I was out too early. Looking at my phone, I saw the bar was an hour to closing and I had a little time.

As I stepped in, it was much livelier than the other places I'd been to, the bar was packed! I approached the bar to find a spot for myself and order a drink. The gentleman next to me began a conversation, I could tell he was tipsy and I saw he was having drinking with a buddy, his buddy did not like me, I could tell, while he was friendly with a lady on his side, myself, I could just tell there was something about me he didn't like in the way he addressed me. I didn't think much about it, my new "friend" ordered drinks for all of us. He was very handsy from the start talking about me being his girlfriend and all of that, grabbing my bum and pulling me closer to him, I attributed that to his drinks, but decided to see where the evening would go, he looked like he was well off and was staying at the hotel. Within my hour of arrival, my evening went sideways, I'll tell you that. His friend checked out for the night and he ordered more drinks and tried to kiss me while being grabby and such and all of that while chatting, it became apparent he had a problem handling his liquor.

"Gimme a kiss. I want a kiss, kiss me, baby. Baaayybeee. Baby, I’m in love with you. I’m head over heels for you. Gimme a kiss."

Omg, he was nuts!

I mentioned that he should quit drinking and we should leave but he still wanted to drink some more. I was a bit disappointed in the bartender not stopping his tab. This was when Mr. Belini showed up, another alcoholic. He recognized me and came over then ordered drinks for all of us while making small talk. Then like men they started bragging between themselves trying to impress me, it was comedic being as they were both slurring and sounded like hot messes. Mr. Bellini eventually had to leave. As I stood up to hug him goodbye, slipped my business card into his pocket. I never heard from him, but lockdown happened the following week so I didn't think much about it then.

Eventually, the bar closed. That was when the bartender stopped serving drinks. It was time to pay and leave.

Thank the lord I did not have to pay the bill at the bar. The bartender said to me,

"How did I get him so screwed up?" while laughing. And I thought, Uhm...I didn’t do that, he did that to himself. I even ordered water for him to sober up and he wasn’t having any of it! It was almost like babysitting a child.

The way he was drunk, he could have gotten robbed.

He was completely out of it and didn't know where his wallet was or anything. He left his card & phone at the bar table stood up and fell to the floor. It was so embarrassing. I'm laughing now but then I couldn't. I was next to him and was "associated " by default, the second-hand embarrassment, the shame omg!!

It was a hot mess evening! He couldn't walk properly, stumbled into the wrong elevator (a service one, not the one for the rooms), and refused to listen. He didn't know anything, it was worse than handling a child. I've never had to deal with a drunk like that before. But I felt bad to abandon him at the bar like that (Maybe I should have). Hammered! My good Samaritan deed of the day but omg so humiliating. Yikes!! How do you drink to a stupor?

This man was so intoxicated, so fucking drunk, I couldn't handle him anymore. I had to get the front desk to help him go upstairs. It was so awkward. He was cursing them out, didn't want their help. He even fell on the floor once more. They had to call security to take him up. Unbelievable!!

The most horrific night out ever! I was so embarrassed!

God, please let me not run into more of these alcoholics.

If you can’t hold your liquor, why overdo it? A grown-up at that! He probably had some issues going on but why self-medicate on alcohol be so messy. An adult male. It was a disastrous evening for me. I never would have imagined that would be how my night would turn out. From boredom to a whole 180. I literally cannot! Maybe if he wasn’t so inebriated, my night may have been somewhat of a successful freestyle lol, but he was way too far gone, who knows if he would remember anything in the morning. At least be a functional alcoholic

It would have been very easy to take advantage of that guy, so very easy. He should be thanking his stars, he's lucky I’m not a scammer. He’d have woken up and his hotel room would be cleared and he wouldn’t remember a damn thing, pathetic isn't it?! I’d most likely be caught on camera if I did the crime ahahaha *shrugs*.

As I left the hotel late that night, I told myself I would not visit that bar for a while. Luckily for me, Covid lockdown helped with that. They would have probably forgotten me and that sad incident by now. The event still lies in my memory.

Did I learn a lesson? Yes. I don’t see myself repeating this gesture in the future, I will ignore and head home, it was a lot to put up with. I tell myself this but who knows how I will react when the moment presents itself. Please, can it not be a recurring one Lord?! However, if I ignored then I, wouldn’t have this tale to write about now would I?.

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