Transporting Jon Sno's baby, Bitcoin and Pee. A Weird Series of Dreams.

This tale I tweeted about. I've been documenting my dreams, if I can remember them in the wee hours of the morning.

July 23, 2019

So my weird dream for today, I sold bitcoin and pee. Lord what is happening?

Mixed in there was some weirdo action adventure transporting Jon Snow’s baby along with fighting mythical slime like humanoid creatures then somehow ending up with an old desktop I used to make money.

It is a mess, I’m still trying to process this as I forget bits of this dream.

It was a blonde bambino but no Khaleesi. We had to fight a strange man to obtain a magic book thus we ventured out & had to run fast across the dirty mud snow before it transformed into scorpion scarabs.

After we got the book the scene changed to his execution for loosing then turning into our journey. There was a lot of creatures to fight in this sewer like place, they looked like Orochimaru science experiments. That was before I was suddenly peeing in a cup & selling bitcoin.

Weird dreams everyday since surgery. Weird. Probably will forget this later on as I forgot yesterday’s dream but I wrote it down here.

July 25, 2019

I had checked into a hotel. It was nothing like the pictures. There was security everywhere and it was weird. The hotel also had two sections . I was really tired and went to my room, number 11.

As I walk in there is an orgy going on in there I literally see people copulating.

Oral, tongues in places, you name it and I’m standing in the door looking at at them like wtf my room. Apparently the hotel made a mistake as they were late check out so I had stood by the door a minute and notified them. They had no idea I was a working girl and wasn’t phased because they dropped their activities like guilty people. Then I got another room and staff was still staring at me pretty hard. Once I walked in, it was a disaster mess in there, very untidy and dirty, not made. I was so upset because I was tired and I sat down and shut my eyes.

It really felt like it was a planned attack and I decided to leave after 30 mins. I was worried they wouldn’t give me a refund but I had sat to decide whether to return home of book another hotel but in this dream I had driven a distance to get there so I wasn’t happy.

July 22, 2019

So I had a nightmare twice in a row this morning about escaped riot inmates. It was like waking up from a dream but still being in the dream because it repeated itself and I was waiting on it. I carefully opened my bedroom door to peak out to make sure coast was clear.

Now googling what it means.

One of them tried to help me out of bed and I closed my eyes and he was gone. Here I was thinking my apartment was in the middle of the prison yard and it played exactly the same except this time I was waiting for it to happen. Deja vu dream.

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