What happened to your nose, it is so swollen?

August 24, 2019

July 29, 2019


Was my mom's reaction a few days after my return home from surgery. She didn't notice my taped nose the first day of my return. I didn't mention this procedure to her because she worries a lot about me and her high blood pressure, I wasn't going to add extra stress.

I was like "It’s ok, I’m ok".

"Ah and your eyes too, are you ok? Did you break your nose" indicating at my nose tape.

Then I tell her I had surgery.

"Oh, ok you broke your nose and fixed it?"

"No it wasn't broken, I just did surgery".

"You just did surgery and nothing was wrong?" 

Then she takes me aside and shuts the door to my bedroom.  

"Nothing was wrong with your nose, you had a fine one" Then starts talking about God that "I have messed with his temple" that "I need to go to confession and tell God this" Typical Nigerian religious parent.

That "I should be confident" blah blah that "Ah I could have given her that money oh". We both laugh at this statement. 

Then talks about my late grandma's "42xxx giant boobs" and all her sisters having huge boobs but not her, that "God has a purpose". 

Yes she did track. I did track as well. Body type blah blah. 

"Your nose was better before" Talking about my huge swollen nose.

"When will the swelling go down? Your nose is so huge and you have a small face and the dark circles making you sunken looking."

My reply to her. "In a month it will go down don’t worry. And the bruising too. Ok"

"It will look like my own?"

"Yes!" I laugh.

"Please no more surgery oh!".

That she worries about me, out of all her children I was the most brilliant one that she doesn’t know what happened, talks more school. You know, me not having the "typical normal life". 

"You don’t need anymore surgery please."

Yes I’m done pretty much. Just my boobs and my nose job is all the work I have done. You've seen my previous face. I am naturally beautiful, my mini me will still look like mommy. Ahahahaha.

My mom has a small nose, I was ok with mine, I didn’t have to do it, never had a problem with it honestly, but I did for more polished look. I guess I am vain but it will look the same just a bit slimmer, cute button nose. So far, my sibling have not noticed a difference yet. If I hadn't shared this info publicly, no one would notice honestly. I had to go to the best doctor for natural looking results. It cost me a pretty penny too. In the coming months, I'll see how that changes. In all, I am happy. This procedure was more scary than my first, mainly because it was my face. 

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August 24, 2019

August 24, 2019

August 24, 2019

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