On Food

Feb 5, 2019

The most important part about food to me is the taste. I enjoy watching food shows, in the cooking competition aspect, guess who always wins? You guessed right. Can I have some more?

Then appearance. Aesthetics, beautifully plated, and the right portion. Atmosphere. Are you in a clean environment? And lastly, who you’re sharing a meal with, be it family, friends, or a loved one (aka warm company).

I enjoy meals alone often but enjoying a meal with others is a delight. Be it home cooking, michelin or just your every day hot spots, hole wall or street food gems. food should be an experience, especially in my mouth. I've been to 3 star locations with terrible food, but it was fancy. Maybe it was a bad day, maybe I didn't like the course that was serves, the many entree *cries* I am not singular in voicing this, my date was disappointed as well. The more you know.


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