December 4, 2018

I have a confession to make. I miss you, your touch & how you make me feel...warm, safe & so many things. You make my heart sing, my cheeks rosy and bring never ending smiles to my face but I’ll never tell you this for it’s not meant to be...

I want to live freely but I can’t because I am a whore.

I will always be judged, regardless of my good nature.

I will have stereotypes attached to me. I lie, steal and rob. I am deceitful, untrustworthy, unchaste, so many things.

There is no love for me in this world, does such a thing even exist?

I will never be looked at that way.

Always a back burner thought.

I am a secret, but for once I’d love to not feel that way. I want to feel human, normal not one to be ashamed of.

Having a cold heart isn’t working out for me don’t you think? It’s been a few years and this wish isn’t so. I can't rid myself of kindness or care.

A true cancer, a sensitive one underneath this shell.

#EliseJolie #personal #emotions #love #diary #writtenword

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