Clueless at Home Depot

Sept 9, 2018

I went to Home Depot to pick up a new drill to put up my mirrors. The current drill I have isn’t strong enough for the walls here. It was a super cheap drill I picked up at Walmart. I never needed one but I had to get one to put up the mirrors at my old place and hang curtains. The walls were not as hard in Houston, here they're something else, it must be because it gets super cold here. The walls are much harder than my old place. Anyway, I’m lost looking at these drills trying to pick one and trying to decide. The options are drill/driver. I’m like wtf is that and googling the difference. Suddenly one of the staff walks by asks if I need help. He must have seen my puzzled face. I was like yes, I need one to hang my mirrors (the Ikea squiggly one’s, my plan is to put them going up the stairways ) and he’s says to me

"Do I have dry walls?"

I said yes (no clue what that means lol they are hard as anything). Then he asked if I had "line?" to hang the mirrors, I was like I got the last drill from Walmart he gives me this look like amateur lol. I don’t have to do any drilling at all just once in a blue moon and I’ll be hanging shelves as well. Then he’s asks me,

"Do I have an anchor?"

I was like yes. Ha!! I hope that thingy that came with the mirror is an anchor lol. Technically an anchor is for support I'm thinking. It’s what I use to support the drill thing and to hang the mirrors. I’m asking all these questions and I bet this guy thought I was stupid but really I’m clueless about all these handy stuff tools lol I was like "the mouth thing, that screw thingy" lol. Oh boy poor guy, lord knows what he was thinking. Get a man to do it. Hey, at least I tried? Can I get an A for effort?! *Winks*

Now I have these stronger tools, I’m going to be more "Elise the builder" with real tools. Up me! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Self sufficient. I will be a pro at this in no time. I love DIY projects and figuring thing out. I'm a total all rounder babe.

#storytime #writtenword #thoughts #EliseJolie

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