On Orgasm

Sept 19, 2018

He almost ruined my orgasm but I pushed him down till I finished.

He tells me "I’m a crazy girl".

No seriously don’t mess with the cum once I got a rhythm. It can be so annoying. I'm sure I'm not the only lady that feels this way. At times, when it's ruined, it's over for me. I just can't focus anymore, I am upset. My mind is elsewhere, in disappointment land, internally irritated. I just want it to be over, you've reached the land of no return. Of course I say I'm ok. I'm "totally" ok. Don't want to hurt any feelings, how can I say you had me going and your ruined it nicely? If I'm in fantasy land and you wake me up from it, how do I go back? I was probably thinking about.............wouldn't you like to know. Majority of the time I can tell you get get me there once their lips touch mine, sometimes I am surprised but I figure it out mid way, then I know. I'm only surprised I didn't guess from the start, sometimes it is of my doing, I make it happen. Sometimes trying to make it happen doesn't work with terrible partners. I just give up, Jesus take the wheel. Going through the motions.

These people do the most and think they know what they're doing but frankly, most are clueless. Perhaps you should have me teach you. Are you open to an experiment? I'll give you some clues, listen to her body and her reactions. Don't be in a rush, don't be intrusive aka slip fingers, ask permission, I can't tell you how important this is, this simple courtesy. Don't dig into my cake before asking me for a piece. And most importantly, don't be selfish. I could list others things like not drooling on her, not biting her, not being too rough, or Speedy Gonzales it's not a race, it's a smooth journey, be patient, porn isn't real. There's a whole lot more, I'll expand on that some other time. Every woman is different, don't treat us the same, what works for one may not for another which is why it's imperative to be attentive to body language. You are not me, no matter how much you imagine yourself all knowing, you will never feel what I'm feeling on the receiving end. You want to make me happy don't you? That makes you even more gleeful.

I've got really strong thighs and I have headlocked some naughty friends to fix my rhythm, they enjoy it though. A beautiful sight. It's the best way to die, between my thighs. Watching and feeling me in the throes of passion. Over the years, I've learnt so much about my myself and body, I know exactly what I want. I'm very confident about that.

#diary #EliseJolie #personal #orgasm #erotica

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