Flakey Dates. Bad Inquires.

Sept 13, 2018

This awful person decided to reach out to me after I posted my NYC schedule, not just today but my previous visit. No, no and NEVER!!! He left me out in the cold, yes stood me up for almost an hour in NYC because he got "cold feet". This was on an outcall in FEBRUARY!! I was livid. One I hate the cold and two I missed other bookings because of scheduling conflict.That was the day I decided deposits for EVERYONE.

Then he tells me he was nervous while watching me out the window. You're kidding me?! His was still emailing while I was out there and refused to come down. I told him where I was standing to come down and pick me. I got off my Uber at the address given to me. After pacing for a few minutes I crossed the street and waited at a local grocery store opposite the building and he still didn’t come down. I decided to leave. It was too cold and I was uncomfortable. I hailed a cab and hopped in. As soon as I arrived at my hotel and plopped onto my bed, my phone lit up. It was him. He then started apologizing and told me to come back, fuck that! The nerve. I told him to pay my fee. The response was "I’d be ripping him off blah blah..." it went on. You literally you left me standing outside in the cold for almost an hour and show up in my inbox not once again but several times since then 😂😂😂 "We should start over, he's sorry". Be sorry for yourself. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

Sept 27, 2018

When you reject losers it’s N word this, black bitch this, angry black woman in my most recent case (me of all people, laughable), oh you are “rude” your ‘bad behavior’ will not get you any bookings blah blah blah all because you rejected them.

They feel it’s their right to ‘school you’ on how things should be, this that and the third, try to kill your spirit, childish antics et cetera.

Most times I delete/block. Sometimes I troll them especially via text. It pisses them off. They ALWAYS try to get a rise out of you. Me, I make lemonade out of bad situations. Some humor lol. Some ladies might get mad or upset but never let these toads get to you or ruin your day. They’re not worth the stress, you are way up in the clouds and they are tiny ants. You are a star and are deserving👑👑. Remember that.

This reality for ebony providers, we go through a lot of shit and are expected to accept it especially from entitled pricks. Don’t ever let any jerk disrespect you, you shame them. Not all money is good money. It’s not good to get on my bad side. 😏

#EliseJolie #diary #storytime

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