Swordsman or Archer?

Aug 20, 2018

This was actually a trick question hehehe cunning cunning me lol🤠🤠🤠

It was two questions in one. The second was gauging your personality hehehe you know all those personality tests online.

If you chose sword you are not afraid of confrontation, you are bold and upfront about things, you are brave and very direct. You can be impulsive. You are a warrior.

If you chose arrow you are stealthy you are also manipulative and calculating and crafty. You are a hunter. Mad respect for hunters. You have to be smart and patient, timing is everything.

Now on to the obvious question.

I would rather cut you down in my presence and watch you bleed and die blood all over me ahahahaha cause you were after me I will show you.

You’re in a mythical place and people are trying to kill you men it became personal and a blade is definitely suited for a more personal attack.

You can also stealth kill with a sword and can be crafty but it’s not as calculating as a an archer. How I’d enjoy piercing them with my blade and ripping out their entrails, slice them in half, slit their throats. An arrow is not as fun a kill.

This is in a mythical land of course.

You’d have planned attacks since you have to keep making the arrows too, you have a limited amount when in combat and you must use it properly. Situations can arrive where you run out and they have spotted you and you can’t craft quick enough then unless you had make a stock pile to hide (but this isn’t a movie like home alone lol we know it’s not realistic). You cannot waste ammo. Headshot for the win, chest if not multiple torso ‘cause the odeshi(strong/unstoppable person) will not drop with one arrow (waste).

Excellent archery is a skill and your only skill so I will assume you are not wasting arrows. Mistakes can happen and your hiding spot revealed.

Keep in my you have to constantly make that bow and arrow vs an epic sword skilled fighter includes hand to hand combat and you can disarm them and take their weapons. Take their bows, knifes, cleaves too

Obviously I picked sword, it was a tough decision picking just one if I could pick both I would be skilled in both. They both have instances where one trumps the other. Aka long range kills or stealth individual kills but I’m not ok with excellent archery being my only skill. A skilled fighter should be able to improvise and they won’t be a good archer as the skilled one vs just only archery and not able to wield a blade or other close combat situations.

In a past life I’d be a swordsman and hand to hand combat. I’m all about strath and power and winning heheh enjoying my glory. The crowd rawing gladiator ahahahaha. Killing for sport.

This is my thought process you’re welcome to share yours and why you think which is better.

Thanks for the data 😘There was no right or wrong answers hehe. This was a question you had to think about.

#adventure #creativewriting #fiction #wordgasm

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