Yet Another Elise Origin Story.

July 22, 2018

I hold question and answer on my Instagram and I had someone ask me this question and I couldn't stop writing. Well lots of questions really. I will post my instagram stories on my blog later later. I’m a open book, at least I try to be.

Long story.

A long time ago (about 5yrs) I was an art model and I’d shoot some nude or erotic work for pay, it wasn’t a lot but it helped. One day my ex showed me some viral clip on reddit and it was a really popular asian cam model, Lexi star I think on myfreecams and she was doing a show with another popular chick she a red haired, both of them natural, number one often. I ended up watching the show and I was amazed and how people tipped them for nothing it was insane. They lived really well. I studied a couple ladies for a few months and did a lot of research before I decided to do it.

Now in cam, I’d get all sorts of solicitations, they had this rule no escorting blah blah when you sign up so I guess that’s where I first heard of it, in the chats too but I wouldn’t pay mind to it. Sometimes when I watched others rooms, a lot of things were said, Backpage and all of that. The men particularly were interested if I worked out of a hotel. I did a few times when I traveled with my ex for work or even when other chicks hosted in them, one person or the other would ask to come over and price and they’d get silenced or kicked out the room, some did it in tips.

I used to watch one girls room and I was fascinated by her life she would travel all the time and cam out this amazing places and have all these gifts and lived in a nice place, now one of her mods (moderator) was my mod as well and he was good friends with her. He mentioned that he had a cam house and she was there, he'd invited a bunch of other girls there too and they all worked out this mansion. There was evidence. I used to wonder how, like I'd wonder how with my modeling career. That mod then told me oh she’s a sugarbaby, I was confused, I didn't know what that was. Then he explained to me "she's a prostitute", that mod hated her though so I didn't believe him.I felt he was biased. I started following her tumblr blog and she would post all these stuff on there, from there I found other ladies to follow. I loved how they could travel so many questions were being answered. I tried the sugar thing, SA, SD4M, WYP, EM,, AM, etc just stuff I would study, interactions, profiles and all. The men though!!!!! Long story again.

That moderator informed me about other cam chicks too and it made sense. These girls like omg, their places were beautiful and the tips, I’d see like some crazy insane amounts. Some would just be there for social time. That was an aspect I loved, along with the exhibitionism.

Now fast forward~

Camming was getting extremely difficult with my ex. He hated the attention I gave them (he’s the same one that was ok with me stripping but not be being

virtually social with others, the same one that isolated me from my family. I had no one then.). I quit cause it was so much stress and it wasn't fun anymore. I had to work behind his back at times. He threatened me so much. It was scary. Ike Turner my room used to call him. Don’t want to talk about him so skip that bad life chapter.

At the same time I was looking for other work, then I'd just graduated too and finding a civvie gig was hard. There's more to that but I won't get into it now. Just didn't want to get into a situation I wasn't passionate about, I didn't want my life that way. I was pretty miserable then. I stripped for a few days, I loved it but I quit cause I got assaulted at work, forced a sexual act upon me and tossed some dollars at me afterwards. I cried when I got home. The club" was ok with it. In fact they encouraged such to raise money for the house.I found out form one of the ladies working there. Now that I think about it, they tried to pimp me. They would get mad at me for not drinking with guests, I was not making them money by not partaking. I left after a few days, I saw the man that assaulted me and I couldn't again. Not with new people either. So I tried the sugar thing again and went on a few dates but they all seemed like johns. Then I decided if I couldn’t get an arrangement, I would escort. It got to a point I was fed up after one fucked up pot date (pot=potential sd). It was the last straw.

I got completely comfortable with it when one of my erotic shoots I got paid for it and it was nothing. It was meant to be a shoot instead something else happened.I guess I was too dumb to realize the manipulation or maybe too broke and young. Was the first time I accepted an advance like that. It was a lot of money to me then, $600. I was fine shooting with gwc (guy with cam)as long as they paid. (I’m even in an erotic coffee table book. I won’t say which, sold in Europe. I got a copy.)

Then I switched gears and began to research escorting. Bought a couples books to read, studied several ladies and Tumblr helped a little bit too. Then I made my site and started. So here we are today. Trial and error.

SW is a long story a very long and I’m being brief. There is so much to say.

Even with the modeling, I used to wonder how some of these girls would do some things like funding their travels or with fashion blogs or some ladies sororities like how? How some ladies were able to afford things. I didn't really pay much, fashion as well, God!! starve all day and no pay, for trade you know hmph, my agency was the worst! It did afford me some social time, that I am grateful for. That's pretty much why I got into art, they paid and I wasn't ashamed, plus I needed the money.

I’m the type of person if I want something or put my mind to it I will find out any information about it. The internet is wonderful.

That’s why sometimes I get so irritated when folk ask for help because I’m thinking did you research like I know I did. It just common sense really.

There's really a lot more to this tale, I feel I rushed it a bit, my life has been a journey and it's complicated.

Short Story Summary

To support my family, bills, debt, rent, life etc, also to escape my ex. My cam room used to call him Ike Turner. You can deduce from that. I was in such a bad place then. I don’t wish the same on my younger ones, so far their life is better than mine. I get to give them a better experience than I ever had. I’m sad and envious at the same time. My life is pretty hard. I wouldn’t wish it on them. So many sacrifices. When I first came here I had to start working immediately to pay for my board. From a young age I’ve been an adult, didn’t really get the chance to have youth activities or a social life just work school work school, then I also lived a distance from school, commute was another thing. It was pretty tough, it’s still hard but not like back then, especially with on your own without parents. It’s a whole lot more. So I’m thankful for SW.

Tips I would give is to do your research and don’t be afraid to experiment. Nobody helped me, nobody. Nobody referred me nothing nothing. No friends influenced me. All hard work and sleepless nights, trial and error, experimenting with different sites. Wasted money too but oh well. I’m still working on myself currently, always a work in progress. I don’t know everything but nothing is impossible if you try.

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