Weird masturbation dream

July 31, 2018

I was at the bar. A man approached me as I was standing up to leave the vicinity and stole a kiss from my lips, stunning me. My eyes wide open in surprise. I thought this guy was high or something, he had this erratic hyper behavior and grabbed my hands and we walked off. I just went along with it. I didn't know what was going on. It was like we were walking forever through some mall, then we were suddenly in a hotel, don’t ask me how. My feet grew tired so I tell him and all of a sudden he pulls my hand and we run down this escalator. It was nuts! He pushed me to sit. So from stairs elevator it transformed into the ones that wheelchairs can go on, the belt kind. Then his friends show up upstairs and they’re all waving and gay (gay happy definition like super drunk or something) all of a sudden this guy rips my dress and he gets naked and he starts jerking off and I’m shocked and I look up and they’re all naked and jerking off as the escalator is moving. Then cum starts to fly not on me though. I stand up pick my clothes and walk to the restroom to freshen up (now it’s like a hotel again) and it had a shower, then it was like I was watching myself in there that scene. It was so confusing. Like a practical joke of some sort, I don't know. Then I woke up.

#dreams #thoughts #creativewriting

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