Red Bull Hangover Recovery? No thanks

Aug 4, 2018

One of my civvie friends just called and wants to drag me out tonight, he’s one of those friends that wants to “date date, more than friendship”. It’s funny how my male civvie acquaintances want more than friendship. He was like he’s coming to pick me up at my place and I told him no, I feel like shit. I had previously been out the night before to H bar, will write about that experience later. He goes “ pop some Advil and drink Red Bull” and I laughed. l'm sorry my body doesn’t work like that, alcohol literally runs through me and that’s just the one drink, it’s so bad. I’m in pain all over especially my mid section. I would have loved to go out he’s so much fun to hang out with. I’m just not about to drink again tonight. With him, it’s a lot, So if you guys have awesome hang over tips other than rest and water and electrolytes or more drinking, I’d appreciate it for faster recovery.

#friendship #storytime #EliseJolie

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