Elise VS rude MOFO behind me Passport Control Storytime. I always put them in their place

June 9, 2018

It's bright and early, 6am in the morning at St Pancreas. I'm heading to Paris for the weekend. It would be my first time there and I'm thoroughly excited except I have 2 heavy suitcases with me at the train station. You can imagine me dragging them onto the platform, but that is another tale. It is also my first time traveling by rail and I'd been looking forward to it. Should I explain the luggage?

1) I'm female

2) I had a photoshoot in London that week so I had extra stuff.

Normally, I love to travel "light" but sometimes well, you understand ladies. My uber driver ask me what is in the it's so heavy, I go "shoes and I smile. Really, what can I do, plus I picked up souvenirs so, it's bound to weigh a little anyways.

We are moving through line and I’m lugging these two bags and my handbag. So it’s my turn to show my passport so I park my luggage and reach into my tote for the envelope with it and this toad behind starts muttering "oh you should have your passport ready blah blah, why some people come on here and aren’t prepared and oh you’re taking so long, meow meow meow". Like what?!!! And I pause and then around look at him weird irritated and yelled at him to "SHUT UP!!!"! Ugh. 🙄🙄🙄Clearly this fool can see what I’m working with and wanting to be an annoying prick. I’ve had enough of that than to deal with some rando *flips hair* like I should grow a third hand or balance my passport on my head while I’m handling two luggages, idiot!F Nah let me put it in my mouth and move too so you know I am prepared your majesty 🙄🙄🙄🙄

(FYI-You do not check in luggage like you do in airports)

Then he’s moaning "oh my train leaves in 15 mins", I was like "go around me then" *rolls eyes* (sarcastic hehehe)like I care, cry me a river. Why are you complaining to me? How about you show up on time and don’t try to rush someone else, it’s one thing to be rude but be nice and things will go easier.

Then he was like "ok I am going around you", like fool please, then I take my passport out ahahahahahah 😂😂😂😂What a looser. I should help you out when you’re being a dick to me Lol. Kindness will take you a long way. How about you be late some more lol😏😏.

And a fucking liar too cause no train was leaving then, then they were like “Americans” ahahahahaha, yes bish bold as fuck.

Some people just let random strangers disrespect them ahahaha, fuck that! I saw someone tweet some mess like that, being disrespected in public and being scared, I was like 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

Do not fuck with me in public honestly. Don’t do it! I will embarrass you instead. I am not meek or whatever connotation they have about females to back down and be bullied. I don't like it and I won't put up with it. They must think I'm a child how I look, I'm a grown woman. You can't tell me nothing. Mind your own business as I do mine. Too many crazy idiots out here thinking they can do as they please and be rude.

It’s funny how some people let others run all over them or be pressured or bullied to fit in as well. Beta beta. It’s pathetic. Grow some backbone!

#writerlife #travel #storytime #diary #bullies

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