Turks and Caicos mini Adventure

March 2017 Turks.

I was having lunch on the beach with my dive buddy after a long day out at sea, diving sure does make me ravenous and honestly, the food was just ok and really basic continental carribean hotel food, you know, just bleh, the local food I tried was amazing (real local not tourist local) but we were both hungry so no complaining, suddenly, the table next to mine sat two individuals. Eventually, we got engaged in a conversation. They were also on a diving trip, it was his kid’s spring break, she looked older than 14yrs though but you know how kids looks so much older now, not much of a talker either, I wasn’t much, just here and there, my friend however was super chatty.. He told me of all the places they went and future destination in the fall, Montserrat. How lovely, telling me it would be great if I went along too. He invited me to have dinner with them later, I respectfully declined. I didn’t want to make the situation awkward, maybe if he was alone I would have.

Meeting men in person is 💯times better. If only he didn’t have his daughter around. Ahahaha.

Jetski in Turks

I had an amazing time touring the island via jetski. Turks is definitely one of my favorite islands and I’ve only been to a few, crystal clear water, sandy beach and not so populated. It’s absolutely a dream…for a few days. I would never stay longer than a week, it’s so boring, after a while you’re ready to leave. My friend had arranged this fun outing because I wanted to jetski and among other water sports, parasailing I did for the first time as well. I ended up destroying my phone while getting into the boat (that was twice in a row I destroyed my phone on a beach, I must remember my next trip. I got gifted a waterproof phone case because of that incident). I forgot it was in my backpack and the waves well, I miscalculated that and I got soaked, the water was definitely refreshing, it was extremely hot during my stay.

Back to the story, luckily the jetski guide was friendly and had time to go out with us. I don’t blame him, I’m an attractive woman, so why not lol. He was also very entertaining. It was great to have a local go out with us.

It’s the 2ndtime these jet rental folk “have time” to go out with me. The first was in Bahamas, remember that, “Bahama Mama”.

The guide took us around the Caribbean portion from Atlantic, you could literally stand in some parts of the in the water and it was in the middle the ocean. I was surprised, I always thought the ocean was deep growing up, I learned from diving and from that trip the darker water means deep and lighter is not so deep, because you can see the floor and sand. I’m not very experienced swimming in the ocean and honestly, my first time was my first-time diving, I’ve never snorkeled either. The darker, the deeper.

He told us stories of the properties. Those building were abandoned because it wasn't worth constructing. I also saw a ship that was stuck in the water, rumor was it was a drug ship and they dipped when authorities came to raid. They found the ship empty though. It was impossible to lug it out because of how far up, although there was no beach nearby, there was a lot of sand rooting it to the bottom of the sea, so it was left there, like a shipwreck graveyard. Hope I'm not confusing the tale with Hilmer hooker. Will post that later.

Turks has several small islands; we ventured to islands far off from Providenciales where the “resorts” were abandoned. Shopping, food etc would be too costly for the hotels they were building. They wanted seclusion but the price was too much.

This honestly was my best jet ski trip ever. It was private, just us, like we had the ocean to ourselves, the guide took us on a different route, one that locals would know off, I saw local hang out spots too.

I went so far, so fast, saw a lot and the boys couldn’t keep up with speed racer me ahaha, luckily, I don’t have things between my legs that prevent super speeding on the waves, gosh, I absolutely loved it! Did I mention no other people, I could go as fast as I could safely. The water, the rush, the beauty, all amazing.

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