July 23 2017

Kissing is a dance, it is an art, it is beautiful when done it's right, the perfect rhythm, the perfect lip-tongue ratio, and some teasing here and there and I thoroughly enjoy it. There is so much passion, so much unspoken words especially if I’m into you, warm fuzzy feeling creeping all over me.

French kissing, oh boy, now some people believe because they've heard/read the definition of French it's a legit "stick your tongue in", and the entire tongue to reach my tonsils. Gross! It shouldn’t be wet, sloppy, eating my face or too intrusive *cries internally* nor should it be halitosis indulgent; you get my point *cringes* what better way to make me dislike my life at a moment. I don't like dogs licking my face, drool, spit extremely nauseating, you get the picture? It's an overwhelm disgust I feel, 1 at it being so bad, 2 because you made me dislike something I enjoy and 3 just eww....ugh! It becomes an outer body experience and I wish myself away. There is more to this as well, I'll save that for another time.

Can you let me teach you?

Follow my lead and you will learn the many ways of pleasure.

#EliseJolie #personal #writerlife #thoughts #erotica

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