Indiana Airport Storytime. A Belligerent Drunk Encounter

August 2017

I had a fly me to you, my return home was uneventful, in fact it was the first I’d ever experienced this at an airport. I have had several funny incents during my travels, remember the one with the cozy seat partner (link here) this is far left from that. Back to the story.

I had arrived at the airport and checked in, close to the boarding time, it was a really small airport and I headed to my gate. I maneuvered my way till I approached and area where there was open space to stand and stood with several other passengers. There was no available seats and it was crowded at the gate. Suddenly, my group was called to line and I got behind a couple. There was only one lane at this tiny airport and some impatient folk decided to barge in the line, you know how it goes, it’s not your group turn yet rushing like crabs in a bucket for “overhead space”. Suddenly some idiot starts attacking me. He just decides to pick on me, out of everyone standing in front of him, it was me way in front he decided to pick an argument with. Now they were boarding parents- kids and elderly assistance etc.

I hate when idiots just insert themselves and want to start dumb drama with me, I shut it off quick.

He was trying to make a scene that I cut the line because I was standing in front, was being super belligerent. It was just little me he was focused on and no one else in front and making small talk but loud enough for me to hear.

Who does that? Uhm we are all going to board the plane. The wtf look on my face when I heard this dumb convo lol, whoever he was talking to, I didn't face them, just ignored him till he really wanted my attention then I let him have it.

This crazy was just looking for someone to battle and he saw little me as an easy target wonk wonk lol ahahahahahaha. I was like “fuck off!”

We were all standing in front and the “line disrupters” decided to form a line behind the man next to me and I'm cutting the line what???!!!! The man next to me wasn’t even boarding, he was just standing. Telling me “there are rules”. What????!!! Ahahahahaha omg. What rule is that? Fuck off!

What crazies do is spread lies and false info because they hate someone for no damn reason. Ha. You thought you could talk smack l about me in my presence and I wouldn't shut you down because I am a dainty female. Haaaaa!

Don't ever disrespect me in my presence cowardly like that or in public EVER Lol.

A stranger minding her own business. Just want to start shit.

There are a couple things I won't tolerate and that is one of them. Random nobody's attacking me for no fucking reason. Or trying to tarnish my name in anyway so ever. You need to get your ass to the fucking curb. Don't ever in your life start bs drama with me EVER. I don't have your fucking time I will shut it down. I am that bitch.

Passive aggress speaking and making comments like “oh that lady with the long hair cutting the line” the way I turned around and gave my evil eye. Like wtf. I've been standing here before boarding started. Why are you mad though? Why are you mad I'm in front and boarding first, it was insane! The gate agents weren't even concerned because they knew I was there for a minute. Lol random fool blowing trumpets. He's goes “oh I'm inching my way in” lol what?! You’re crazy I don't need to when I'm the 3rdin line to board lol I just stood at aside for personal space. The lady next to me looked and me to ignore his ass lol. Crazy. Random fool way behind in line, in fact close to the very back!

Painting me like a bad guy lol nope I don't stand for anyone trying to tarnish my name either. Like this stranger did lol. Don't talk shit about me ever! Not even talking to my face you fucking coward! Confront my ass instead of loudly complaining for no reason and it wasn't your turn to board. Why do I need to turn around to look at people behind me?

Angrily writing at the right moment.

So because I wasn't standing behind the man in front of me, you know my shoulder touching his so bumper to bumper, I was cutting the line lol. Uhm personal fucking space! The audacity!

Trying To make it seem like I'm in the wrong when I'm just a stranger minding her own damn business. Fuck off prick!

Why do you want to pick fights with a woman? The man next to me you didn't attack it was me. Pick on someone your own size, thought he could bully me, hilarious. I am the danger.

Stuck my tongue out like sucker lol you lose lol flips hair and boards while his ass still had to wait loool. Loser. No lines for me because my group first fool first! Priority boarding first (rolls eyes) Board when your group is called idiot lol. Can I replay that tongue stick and hair flip I gave that idiot hahahahaha. Looked him square in the eye. It was so painful hehehehehe.

On board my seat partner apologizes to me and tells me that he was a drunk fool, figures. An idiot that can’t handle his liquor at all picking fights. Tells you a lot about his personality. Trash.

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