Flood Trap

Sept 1, 2017

This has got to be my worst experience in Houston. I can’t wait to leave this place. My plans have be thoroughly ruined, my flight canceled a million time and here I am stuck indoor with no food, scratch that, I’ve had to eat peanutbutter, apples and banana bread for several days now. I wasn’t aware of this flood, I’ve never experienced anything like this. I only found out when I stopped to pick up a few groceries before my Asia trip and I was informed a storm was coming in. This is after I have boarded Rocket. Poor kitty. There was no water either, I had to pick up Gatorade.

At night when the rain stopped, loud noises all around from the rescue helicopters filled the sky. It was interesting how the community got together to help people, those who had boats and those who volunteered, it was beautiful., so much love in time of need.

How do I feel? Boredom, so very bored. Luckily there is power, I was worried about that but I am fortunate, the worst was being stuck indoors for a couple days, cancelled flights plus mini stress over Rocket lol.

Living through this crisis while others have a normal life elsewhere, it's quite terrible.

I feel for those who are in much worse situation and in fine. Reminds me how the "pastor" did not want to open up his mega church to those in need, the biggest hypocrites of them all, yet teaching about Jesus and god and love yet you cannot do so in tragic situations. Also goes to show you who cares some, fascinating!

I remember Thursday before the storm, conversation with my Uber driver and she goes oh you'll be fine. I've never experienced this ever flood-hurricane etc

The lady Uber asked me if I'm from here then bursts out laughing.

Maybe this is my sign to move on. My lease also happens to be up at the end of September.

I'm handling my stress in a different way and I have no losses.

But my poor Rocket, I am devastated to be separated and him having to go through this in boarding without me in this wretched flood. I don't want his life in danger either

I have no clue what's going on with him and I can't go out to check

How I feel right now...

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