You're a Leech

People always want to try and run over the nice girl but it's not happening, not now, not EVER!

A long time ago when I was still a young escort lol, 6 months in, I decided to make my first trip to NYC. October 2015. It was so exciting!! My first visit, I was ecstatic!

Back then my goal was to try to meet people, network, socialize. This newfound freedom, 2 months post ex, yup I was living it.

Prior to my arrival a local provider/masseuse reached. So I met her and we got along. It was nice to have someone to chat with. I thought I found a serious friend. Little did I know I was just being used again. Honestly, I'm pretty easy going if you haven't realized. My so called friend then brought a dilemma to me. She had someone she was "helping" out that had abandoned her because she wanted more money (now I understand why). Boo hoo hoo sob story and made herself look like a victim and asked if I'd like to assist the next time I was in town, that she'd advertise for me, I could help when I wasn't busy. Young me was like yay! So foolish. I thought the extra dough wouldn't be bad. December comes along and gradually a can of worms opened. I won't go into much detail, but it's a story about realization. By February, my 4th month of knowing her there was so many inconsistencies and stuff she said or did that made me go hmm... I was doing most of the "work" and getting less cut. Then I saw it as well she's advertising, using her incall and bringing these clients (that I've never seen privately), she was sure to be secretive and tell me NEVER to reach out to them or talk to them at all even if they asked me, it would be shady to "steal". Being somewhat new then, it was agreeable, I could understand that and not want drama but it truly was naive.

I am glad the older I get in this the more my eyes open. I honestly didn't like these duos because I felt I couldn't express myself with this other persona. It felt robotic.

Not in the sense of robot like behavior but in the sense of a girl has no name, a girl has no personality, a girl is sweet and kind and oh well she won't talk to me hmm..., just wasn't me. I wasn't allowed to chat with the clients or trade information" for my discretion of course " (rolls eyes) but more so I believe all these lengths was so I couldn't get her clients or the new ones that came specifically to see me do this special massage duo. Not just any massage, on a special table. Think of the possibilities.

She was being secretive about payments and other things and told a lot of tall tales my BS meter went off.

"Oh you have to work all the time", "Explore what?" Those were answers given to me when I suggested some new thing for me to do in a city I'm unfamiliar with (Hello!! I love to explore). The first 3 times I visited NYC it was always the same routine. Then at the end of the week before I'd leave we'd go celebrate at the same corner restaurant, seriously, like yay servant your reward for a long and hard week, the same shit, it basically was like a slap in my face each time. For one to be a local and have time to fill my ears with cock and bull stories of places in NYC or exciting dates she and her friend went to freestyle yet when I'm there visiting "La Esquina".

I won't go there for a long time, the food is so so...not great. Always wanting me to take picture/video of her, no problem, but like the other social media braggers, she would always and always have her bags or some other item as the focus of attention, it was like I'm I taking a picture of you or your purse? Oh, I forgot to mention, apparently she ran some sugar baby meet up parties or so she told me plus the many "tales".

Always felt like something was being hidden and I admit then I would think what's the problem with me? Why not suggest we go to these other live spots where I wouldn't be harassed by losers? It was insulting. She made me not feel like a friend and always insinuated she was better than escorts because she "didn't go all the way" but that was a lie. So much negative energy.

My 4th visit to NYC I decided to reach out to other ladies and finally do things I wanted to do. I had been gradually easing away from conversation with her not only because of all the things I begun to realize, also the stories. I didn't want to hear more lies. Not just the lie, but also regurgitated lies that have been told previously like clockwork. Gun to the head.

There is only so much you can take. Granted I didn't have an issue with her, just wanted to have fun.

Next thing you know, I start seeing subliminal message tweets. It was strange because I felt, hey I don't have to chat with you everyday you know. Do you not want me to meet other ladies than yourself? When I got to the city I reached out to meet up, she blew me off. Being that she could not gain anything from me anymore, she didn't see it as productive regardless, saw right through that.

She gave me all sorts of negative Nancy advice.

"Oh why would you want to tour abroad? Why you still trying to be a SB? Oh this chick is smart for getting work done (plastic surgery)? Oh you're not good enough. You need to upgrade your body. "

Ok fine, I asked her on several occasions who did her work but it was such a "difficult" question for her to reply, eventually I let it drop.

Why is it that ALL these ladies, including myself parted ways with you after working together? Because you are a USER. Fact! Stop gossiping with clients especially gbeboruns(BIG TIME GOSSIPS). It is crazy, do you want to talk about other ladies during a session? And why try to slander? You are cruel for this.

When I first met this lady the first thing she told me was "If we eventually part ways we just be adults and move on", it confused me back then because I was like why would you mention this, I'm just meeting you, I thought you were cool, now I see.

Mind you when I met another provider in Boston and I heard a similar story. Coincidence? But then I'd already learned and moved on. Some people are leeches and just want to use you till you drop them. Do not let them feed. Exterminate!!

I wish apologies were easily given but most people have way too much pride to admit they're wrong.

I was on the fence about sharing this tale but I don't care much this year...dirt of my shoulder, however I recently got a ludicrous email that lit the fire in me and oh boy was I mad. I am sorry this isn't as detailed, but I'm not trying to expose anyone, just events in my life while escorting. This is my open diary.

If you are reading this get help seriously. There are a lot of crazies in this world. A lot of BSC(bat shit crazy) and very selfish/self centered/ narcissists. A LOT. I really hope I don't encounter another. These days I'm being super careful about meetings. Truly, 100% not interested anymore after experimenting last year but I am hopeful. Glass half full so maybe...

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