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Certain ladies act like they care when incidences happen in the mainstream media and use it as a medium to boost their income e.g. Backpage incident, BLM, Muslim ban. They come out the woodworks; oh I support the movement, donate to my charity blah blah proceeds this month will go to whatever, always looking to gain from a disaster it is so messed up they have no idea.. Calling attention to "good deeds" oh I'm so thoughtful, notice me I donated, oh I can help blah blah, pat on the back and thumbs up from their fellows but forever remain in cliques. Why does something have to happen for you to ring bells?

I don't believe they care. They don't have muslim friends, low class backpage friends or black friend nor do I see any public interactions so why do they care when this happens and suddenly have a conscience. Fakery must end.They think they are better and make no friendly attempts to mingle whatsoever only to those who look like them and have their aesthetic because everyone else is a peasant but I am nice and all about people community support... what support? I support those who look like me is the support.Unfollowing with the speed of bullet. No support folk will get no love, they're fake as fuck . You can't say one thing and do the other, the hypocrisy. They don't support any sisterhood. I refuse to support these folk anymore. They don't care about anyone but those in their clique and expect others to worship them. And people, like sheep do. I actually have gone through some of the high class escorts likes and social interactions. If you think you're better that others sorry, you thought wrong. This uppity behavior must end. Some people are too blind to notice.Actions speak louder than words. Charity starts at home, don't pretend your heart is touched. It smells like shit...bullshit. All of this is for show so you can be seen as a nice, caring provider, these are things some people do to mask themselves. You really don't need to prove anything or broadcast your "good" deeds. Marketing tactics. It is what it is. Waiting on the next incident to occur. Watch and see, they will come out the woodworks to voice their support.

#astoldbyelise #Elisejolie #belleofyourdreams

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