Dose of Reality

Once in a while I get hate mail. This is from a female obviously. Why people harbor malicious thoughts in their mind? Only God knows. Some people don't need a reason to hate, it's all they have going on for them. Why not put that hate into something productive.

People always want what they don't have and in this business it's always tied to money how much more can I get, everyone is your competition, oh I hate her for looking like that blah blah.

Listen up, my body is achievable just change your eating and drinking habits, have disciple and go to the gym. While I'm working out late hours or twice a day at times, you are eating and drinking being a foodie (fun stuff right), but have time to be bitter. STOP!!!

This madness is insane. Why can't I use my advertising medium? Why does it bother you? You don't have a problem with other ladies posting selfies or whatever but you have a problem with me hmm...Such a HUGE ego.

Anytime I post a selfie I notice this. On Instagram I get a drop and on Twitter, read on. People need to love themselves and be happy in their skin. You can't have everything you want and sometimes things are achievable through hard work and determination. Work to be the best person you can be or version 2.0 whatever you call it, strive for the best of yourself, forget others and don't be influenced.

Some will like comments in a post of my selfie but never like the pic, its like you saw it, why you hating? Some of these people slide in my DMs asking me questions. Why is it I'm always happy to give help to anyone regardless but when I ask for help I get coded answers or no answers at all or a question as an answer? Why are you guys shady?

Some people will never see me because I am black (or not dark enough), because I am slim, because I have abs, because I'm not curvy, because I don't have tits, because I'm too tall, because I'm too short, or maybe I look like/ remind them of their enemy or whatever reason, you don't see me being mad I'm not this or that, I just work on myself and I accept myself for who I am. You should too, embrace yourself, have self confidence, quit the envious thoughts, would make life so much easier. In the meanwhile I will continue to post my selfies because its a free country and if you hate me just unfollow. Save yourself the headache. Stop spying on me. I'd much rather have people who appreciate me follow that people who are my enemies and I have no clue about. Stop stabbing me mentally.

They look and they think "oh she's my competition" you guys are sick really. Jealousy is a disease. Some people are so ugly and I mean ugly like ugly heart. It's actually upsetting honestly. If you don't like me as person or you harbor some hatred towards me, I don't want to be around that toxic behavior. Most times these people don't even interact, so it's like why are you following???

They will spy, they will never congratulate you, but they love to steal your ideas e.g mermaid but I won't get into that.

When you do something, do it because you want to not because someone else did it. Big difference. Not because you think it will bring you more business lol, these money hungry hoes. I remember when I first wore contacts a year ago for a shoot, I had someone ask me if it brought up my business, I was like uhh... I wear glasses, I just got colored lenses because I hadn't in a little while. So seriously when I tell you money and is all some people think about, it really is. "Oh I must have a piece of that, oh she's getting compliments, I want people to compliment me too, let some attention shine on me" blah blah . Going about things the wrong way. There have been many many other ebony ladies with blonde hair but when I made the change it was like oh light bulb, she must be onto something. Let me do it too.

I decided to change because it I wanted to plus it was on my resolution for last year and I did it in December, (who goes blonde in December? Completed a lot of resolutions yay me!), woke up one morning and decided to bleach my extensions. Previously before escorting I had done colors but when I started SW, I wanted to be dark, don't get me wrong but change is good. With my new shoot coming up, I wanted the color perfect. First I experimented on my old extensions (left image). New bundles in right image and current website. Spot the difference? I do.

Not once did I get a compliment from one particular guilty individual on my hair but low and behold they were plotting to replicate a month later. Wanted a piece of the pie. It's a free country so do you but we both know what influenced that change. The fact I didn't get a compliment is what is off to me. Shady.

Like I mentioned in my previous social media post, you can't trust these girls, I have been screwed over in the past but I reject it in 2017. I had some lady who has never EVER interacted with me email me oh we have things in common, she's looking for a travel partner, we should get together. I'm like what is your motive? She was traveling with some other chick, did they fall out? What's going on and why? You'd think they'd want to be your friend first before dropping some bomb like that on a person. I have to be very careful, I will not be set up or used again. I am happy being solo. Earlier this year I was supposed to do a shoot with a friend in Montreal, and gosh I paid more in flight tickets and hotel because she was being MIA, I went through completing the bookings at the last minute, next thing I know she goes poof, I don't even hear a word, goes to show you you cannot rely on anyone, I will continue doing things on my own and at my own schedule like I have always been because you really are on your own in this. everyone is out for themselves and don't give a damn about others. Some have gone as far as exposing ladies and posting thier passports and personal information. Just keep an eye open and intuition will guide you. I just wish there were more genuine, honest ladies really. Doing sex wok I have seen so many crazy women than I have in my whole life, very greedy, very selfish, very manipulative and money driven, it is sad really. I had one who wanted to be my booker and wanted to send me to Denver to meet a billionaire (hahaha there is the code word again) because she thought I will just jump on her money bait.

What did I hear about her from someone who has used her services, that she got sent to a crack head, yes he was loaded but it was a terrible experience and she left early, this booker like many others are all concerned about their money what they can get from you not your safety, this is why I don't have an assistant. I don't trust these ladies and I can do this work by myself. There are times I wish I had someone to help me but I like to keep myself out of danger, the many tales I have heard are scary. I guess she saw me and thought I was a "party girl", and trust me there are many many many ladies that are party sniff, sniff.

Goes to show you, you never know.

#EliseJolie #astoldbyelise #belleofyourdreams #elisebellefemme

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