I've decided to release some of my writings that are well over a year old as I'm gearing up to release new work.

These are my well documented thoughts from the past, the whole purpose of my writing was to document my life, thoughts, memories, my journey etc. In the coming weeks will be releasing writings I've hidden/wasn't comfortable releasing partly because of how dark they are but this is me and I'm finally ready for that to be seem. I was afraid to share because I wasn’t sure how you perceive me, a dark angel with dark thoughts, feelings and emptiness then the bubbly Elise, happy and merry, the works. My writings should never be about the highs but the lows as well. A depressed writing state but doesn't that make me human? Don’t we all go through tough periods? Honestly, I'm still quite nervous to share this part of me, but this feeling I will overcome, my heart is racing as I type this. I don't want to care or worry too much because at the end of the day, only I can care for myself and nobody else matters.

My never-ending quest for openness, I apologize for keeping them from you but be warned, it's not a cheerful tale, these journal entries never seen by other eyes but mine. Don't be expecting a happy go lucky events, or some fake tales because well, that just isn't me and life doesn't work that way. It's complicated, well mine has been, more so lately (I miss the days when life wasn't so difficult, I'm growing up more and more). I'm always one to give the hard facts plus I really hate beating behind the bush or straight up lying. I'm not perfect, I've never admitted to being so, I do strive for that, it would be the ultimate goal, sheer perfection.

You will get some laughs, some pensive moments and perhaps some stimulating ones, dare I share something erotic, thoughts forever run in my mind in a clockwork. You might think I am crazy, (but I admit that, I am, in a good way!) You may think I need help, you may think a lot of things but writing has always been a form of therapy for me, an escape, a way to be free... are you ready to share some of my secrets?

I will be rolling out my new site, yes you read right, new pics included. You might be thinking, I just did that in September, well I had a new photoshoot a sort of mini rebrand, you'll see more of Elise clothed and with more smiles that you cherish in person. A couple of my friends mentioned me not smiling in my photos as much as I do in person, so viola... now you get to see me smile. In addition to that, I will also be uploading my vlogs and question I've answered on my instagram on here so stay tuned, it's a lot of work, but I'm determined to finish it.

What's new with me, I'm back in school again as some of you know and I moved up north. Some have questioned my reasons as I hate the cold, but you may ask me in person. I'm keeping this note short as the title says "disclaimer", it was meant to be so. I look forward to sharing more with you.


(PS March 14-April are old works I had drafted on here, I'm now sharing)

#EliseJolie #astoldbyelise #belleofyourdreams #elisebellefemme

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