Deceit...Social Media BS

I don't talk about clients but some of these ladies sure want to brag to me about shit I don't care about. With the key word "billionaire".

Seriously money is the root of all problems and you can say that it's worse among SB, gold diggers, escorts aka SW.

It amazes me how some can you speak so Ill of someone who is your "friend". Girls are crazy especially superficial ones. Just watch your back really

I can't associate with liars or people like this. They could really screw you over back stab they don't care. I've seen this happen in incidents lately. Exposing ladies personal info, etc you name it, savage wickedness, greediness. As money is the goal. It doesn't make sense to me.

I'm not about to get tangled with some nasty chicks, I just stay away. Not trust worthy. I am big on trust I have written this but this another level. This is real life lessons.

The fakes ultimately ruin things for anyone with good intentions. Keep your eyes open for these seasoned liars. If you've been telling a lie for over 5 years you should be extremely good at it.

See example below of a scammer.

Some of you might have received this. Crying wolf. If you were a fool and sent money, I am schooling you now. This=rent money or lavish Christmas shopping.

I am guessing the later. When I hear people say oh I got scammed by this and that oh I don't want to deposit because I am scared, blah blah, it is ladies like this that ultimately ruin deposit trust. Plenty of them out there showing off on Instagram for the masses. Nothing is as it seems. These ladies are open about being scammers online, post about their exploits, congratulate themselves and post pics, faces and all of the fools they have scammed all over.

Who am I to judge, as some of these hoes think they are winning, "most successful" in the game etc , "no we don't hang out with broke friends" but scamming like this hmmm...and so very full of themselves, occasional dumb money fights and super shady. As they say they work very "hard" ...plotting and scheming. When some people stereotype pretty girls as bitches, I can see why because it is true in some cases, it really gets to some peoples heads. Pretty on the outside, garbage on the inside.

I'm not flashy, showing of other people's property, trying to make others jealous or trying to make it seem like your doing something effective (aka winning) however there are always and will be people like this it's just their personality. Selling false dreams.

Why do I have to be something I'm not to impress people?

Why the need to show off to people?

Why the need to show of other people's belonging?

Why do you think people care?

Why lie?

I don't understand this concept.

Do you think it makes you better or makes you feel good about yourself? These are some questions I wonder.

Some live out of their means all to front to people. Make themselves seem important. Inflate their ego. Are they harboring some mental issues, maybe? Insecurity? You bet, but will never admit it.

Let's face it people some will always be like this.

If you're ok with a person like that, do you, but I'm not comfortable, too unscrupulous, you just really can't believe a word from their mouth. This is all to get to the top any means possible. Carefully constructed lies. Birds of a feather flock together...till money/jealousy tears them apart. It's funny.

I do have to give props for this fakeness. Ladies will lie about anything from surgery, extreme photoshop, education to being multi published etc because they think folk are stupid (yes there are dumb people just keeping it real).

State not wanting to be friends with people because they aren't pretty lol, they aren't "balling", excessive nonsense fighting (but "classy"), threatening people on video, extreme jealousy etc just a little taste. Horrendous!

Sex work just exposed me to a lot of black hearted ladies, I hate to say this but there are only a few tiny itty bitty real people and I really appreciate and thankful when I meet them.

How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you. Thanks to social media for exposing people.

A lot of ladies do not want to be your friend, they only want what they can get from you, to take and take and take and it gets a little upsetting at times. No hey how are you just to chat it's always to here information from me why? Then after that poof. Never like any of my posts, retweet me or chat with me randomly from time to time. Just what can I get/gain from you. Then brag to me. If your looking to brag to someone, don't try it with me. I really don't care just oh ok hmmm....*nods head. Why? Because it has a no effect on me or my life. What is wrong with people? Human nature? Why are people users? When I do ask a question, I never get answers or a half coded answer, or lies it's like that doesn't help me at all. It is sad really.

Not comfortable meeting ladies anymore sorry. Earlier I was trying to but nope, not putting up with this fakery of people trying to size me up. I'm too old or more like I don't care about trivial matters.

Lately, I have been getting a LOT of late night requests( past 1am/2am).

Then I see some of these so called "high class" desperados (and I mean super desperate not outlaw) are doing this mess and posting on social media. Why ruin the game? Why are you so greedy? Seeing 9 people a day is nothing to be proud of. Neither is staying up at night. Trouble comes out after dark.

Stop training these men to expect this ungodly hour requests, you don't sleep or what?

Is this someone you want to see? An asshole?

These are the kind of men they see but you know, cash is king. Not all money is good money but to to them anything goes.

I have seen one of them screen and it was atrocious, yet had the nerve to post some rant on Twitter about being deceived into a bomb disaster house (let me say mansion because you know, they have to up the brag hehe) like pity me. No you brought this on yourself. Telling half truths (lies) as usual for the pity party.

Oh the key word CEO too lol. *Notice the brag terms*

What CEO lives in a messy home? And why must we know his "occupation" hmm...discreet? I think not.

Key word to front to ladies to say " Hey I'm doing great, look at me notice me, bad and bougie", yet encouraging bad and unsafe behavior. Oh the lies I have heard. Say you are a physicist, Nobel prize winner, super published model, in school, the list goes on but has time to travel/tour, where is the time for school and study, exams?! Some people can't keep their lies together. Trust me, I NEVER forget anything. It really is getting out of hands. Remember the craigslist killer. I will end here.

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