Deceit, Social media intro...

Insecurities can cause negative thoughts. I myself have some, I'm sure we all do. Not being perfect...I think I've mentioned this earlier, being hard on myself.

Yes off course I want to be liked, but I can't force people, if you like my aura you drift towards me. Same goes for the reverse. I have my fair share of hate mail or some random blocks, I'm not sure the reason for ~shrugs

You can go on my twitter any given day and see how I interact with people so the question is why? Especially the Ebonies. Sad, sad day I've said this before there is absolutely zero support, do not believe these illusion flames

some ladies are throwing up. Say one thing and do another. All for approval. Deceit, a game on this fantasy world.

Black females are so unsupportive as a group, problem with black folk in America. Never seen this till I moved here it is sad.

I've wanted to blog about this but held my lips but it's getting way too rampant.

Obviously I am black. It's not confusing however it is annoying and I do wonder about not being ebony enough (if that's a thing like a crutch) but I'm African, more than AA and Caribbean, Latin black but I'm not black enough what does this mean? Do I have to look like charcoal to be appreciated? I had a client argue with me that I don't know my heritage maybe down the line blah blah 🙄🙄 that is irrelevant. Things like "oh I thought you'd be darker"😩😩😩. Mulata?? You should see some of my messages. There are some disappointed when I tell them I'm black and poof they disappear. Such a scary word, bogey bogey bogaahh. Sometimes I wonder maybe I should claim some mix like most of these girls lie about since I can't just be black I say I am. So fellas, I'm Brazilian now. It's believable time to brush up on my Portuguese. Obrigado!!

This is just with the men among the ladies oh boy. I've read some statements on twitter that upset me. I don't want to get into it much but at times I feel like I'm being excluded. I hate to say it but some people with dark skin have issues.

Unfortunately, a lot of black people suffer from self-hatred deep down. Being black only just isn't enough, we have to be mixed or whatever claim you can make up. What's wrong with being just black? Why isn't black attractive? Some things to think about. If your melanin pops so much why are you ashamed of your blackness Lately I've been seeing some light skin/dark skin mess SW twitter. Let's divide ourselves some more plus a little jealousy into that pot #melanin 🙄 Black SW can never be unified. It's one thing to uplift other women of color your shade but do not neglect those who do not look like you for whatever reason there may be. It is a big shame. Too many insecure individuals. Hypocrisy at the fullest. #nosupport

If you're not going to like me as a person as myself you're never going to like me and that's ok. I don't need a fake persona to mislead people or to try to get things I want.

Twitter, oh social media, what a sham you are. Filled with excuse my French, "kiss asses". Why the need to feel "liked" by people who don't give two cents about you? Why the need for fame/popularity? Why the need to feel important? Why the need to lie? Some ego brushing, in fact a lot a fluff.

The many tales I've heard, the many fake friendships I've seen. The mob mentality. Ongoing drama on Twitter is insane and when the bullies come out the sheep flock. Instead of correcting, you support bad behavior. Why be a sheep for approval? It gets crazier and crazier logging in. I can't let this world consume me, all this negativity. I don't concern myself with all this crookery but it's interesting to observe and funny enough, a lot of dumb people in the world, if that's too harsh, a better wording might be people who don't see things clearly as it is.

#Elisejolie #belleofyourdreams #astoldbyelise #elisebellefemme

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