Another one bites the dust...Respect

This is part two of the tinder date posts, now I have been on four tinder dates and let me tell you they have all been DISASTERS, people are seriously crazy and some men really want things from you. I guess some ladies give out the coochie easily but that's not me anyway funny story. The first date that I posted about that guy messaged me a month later and he was like "hey are you an escort?" I was shocked and I didn't answer. "why do you think that?" He goes a friend of his told him that I was an escort.

That a friend of his told him I was, why didn't I tell him, he's totally ok with it, he's dated strippers. I'm so much hotter now we should hang out. He'd never expect it from me, that he was surprised, I'm so sweet and reserved. Lol, it's always the sweet ones that are bad. I mean of course if you meet me IRL you'd never know I do this kind of work. I look like an angel.

Needless to say he didn't get a reply back and I deleted that number.

British guy I won't talk about much because I thought he was boring. He like the others were too handsy on me. I do not like that (respect the personal space).

-First being super late

-Wanting me to come to his place so he can "cook" for me.

-Getting in my Uber and "forcing me to go to cinema" (escape plan fail. Don't laugh.) Ooh guess who paid for it.

On to the main story...

Respect needs to reciprocated and also earned.

This man reached out to me on tinder and wanted to meet. I agreed, and chatted with him a little bit, he seemed a little bit strange but tinder=free food for me so why not. Eventually he told me

"Oh he's going to Belgium for work that we can meet when he comes back, please that he wants to meet me."

I was like OK, some ti me later, he messages me and he's like

"Oh he's in Amsterdam having lunch" and I was like, "Nice, I'd love if you brought me a souvenir". Fast forward to the day we meet in New York, he's blowing up my phone (red flags) and asked if he should come to my hotel to pick me up or if I want to meet at the restaurant. I told him my hotel has a bar, to meet me there then we can head out.

Once I get downstairs, my first impression was a no go. He's all sweaty and has a drink in his hand, looking a bit in disarray but he mentioned to me earlier he was driving from Boston. I was not impressed, he reeked of cigarettes and alcohol. He give me my gift, it's like a box of chocolate "Godiva" chocolate. I was thinking you just picked me up a box of chocolate that I can get here in America,

anyway he still drinking over there and mentions he has to go smoke a cigarette, that was the first of many.

We had to catch a cab and he rushed, (we were at an intersection so the opposing) out into the street hailed one.

~(Hello, I'm wearing heeling, I'm not just going to run into the street and get run over by a car)~

Why not hail the cab to where I was standing? I should have left then. Big mistake.

Thoughts to self *I can't wait for this date be over, I was already dreading it from the first few minutes*

He's also making crude sexual jokes and sexual connotation. Told me a a story of his grandmother being wild. I'm thinking, omg, you have no respect for women and you have no respect for your grandma. to It was insane, why are you telling me this story? He said she was a wild woman, she had an affair with his uncle. So that means you're a product of like incest play was what he was trying to tell me, like I would be enamored, because that's what I picked up. Why tell me your grandmother was a loose woman?

To speak so ill of your family says a lot about someone. I'm sure some people have members you do not like but do not talk crappy about them to strangers. I've met some ladies who have done this, it is sad, the amount of disrespect people have.

He also tells me about other girls he's met, his ex-girlfriend being bipolar (Always the girls who are crazy eh. Not in this case.)

"She's bipolar that she wanted sex all the time."

"She would slit her wrists if they didn't."

What lady would do that? Kept feeding me more BS. He was really on a high horse feeling himself like he some stud that was irresistible. Then he talked about another girl being all over him and wanting to do the deed. That's just basically how the conversations went, him bragging about exploits and making dirty jokes.

"Oh one girl was looking for a sugar daddy, she wanted clothes and bags but he pretended he didn't know what that was but she still got with her because she was stupid."

OK you know when you're really uncomfortable during a date but keeping it together with a poker face. That was me. I was silently praying for a date to be over. Like I said earlier, he would leave every 5 to 10 minutes to go smoke a cigarette, then he's all over me want to kiss me and getting close to me. I don't like people forcing themselves on me.

I almost forgot, when we first got to the restaurant, it was very cold. I'm get cold easily (low body fat). When we got seated, I asked the waitress to move us to another table because this one was directly in front of the door. When we were moved, I still felt cold. The waitress had to suggest he give his jacket to me the second time she came to the table to ask how was feeling. Even the lady was concerned.

That should be the first thing a gentleman does when a lady complains about the cold. This fool had no clue. I knew this was going to be a disaster from the first impression, it just kept getting worse and worse. Him going off to talk bad about people, disrespecting them in front of me, then trying to hit on me, trying to force yourself on me. It just just wasn't going anywhere. There's literally nothing on the menu I wanted to eat and he kept trying to pressure me to drink even though I said I didn't want to. All he did was drink and smoke the whole night. It got to the point I was so fed up I wasn't smiling anymore. I was just mad and I told him I wanted to leave. Then he suggests going to a strip club afterward, I respectfully decline. He gets the tab and we leave the restaurant and hails a cab we could share a cab, said it would drop me off then he would continue on with it. Fine but, he just had had to smoke a cigarette again while the cabbie and I were waiting on him.

I get to my hotel and he comes out the cab with me, he thinks he would be coming to my room. I told him goodnight and went inside. I barely get to my room door and he has sent these very angry, drunk messages, preaching God to me too, he suddenly became a pastor like all the rotten souls do (wants me to be who God wants me to become lol). Calling his name in vain.

What's hard to understand, me not wanting anything to do with you? Why are you mad, drunk texting me? Some can't take rejection well they resort to being rude and childish.

Instead of being an adult and going your own way and just be like "OK things didn't work out", you decided to send nasty, entitled messages, bringing up God this God that. You're no Godly person. You cursed through out the whole dinner, made a really sexual references, sex this and that.

"Oh if I don't like you, I would get seven years of bad sex"

WTF?! Who says that. You think this is some hook up? OMG like I'm going to drop my pants, get a life.

When you didn't get what you want, like a man child you rant and me and insult me. Your foolish words don't hurt. I was interesting enough to keep you on the hook till you couldn't get sex from me. What is wrong with some people?!

You can't think all women are the same, everyone has their standards and I have mine. You don't expect people to give you what you want. In this case, what's between my thighs.

I'm not going to preach to people how they should live their lives but you ladies need to stop letting garbage men like this like get in your pants. Men like this have zero respect you. Don't be easy. What a headache.

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