Mini Hunger and Gym story time

A few months ago I had an interesting date with a newbie or at least that's what he told me. I was his first experience with a lady of leisure. It's memorable because it was the first time I flipped on a client in person. I was that mad. Long story short, we missed dinner plans because he decided patty cake was more important. I hadn't had a meal all day expecting to dine at this Italian restaurant he made reservations for. I got dolled up, I had saved enough space to eat a full course meal then to be let down. Honestly I didn't think it was nice to deceive me like that. Also the fact he knew I was starving. I enthusiastically mentioned my eagerness to head to our destination when we first met at the lounge in my hotel. I love food and dessert. It was on my mind all day, nice bread, tasty cheesy ugh I love Italian food. (Even Jeb Bush does #photobomb)

He was kind enough to have some nutty appetizer there for me while we got introduced. I picked at some of it, it had wasabi, I'm not a fan of but a hungry bird will eat a anything. Moral of the tale, feed a lady. A hungry person is an angry person.

Miami Personal Trainer

It was my last day in Minneapolis as usual I was at a gym in the morning to kill some time before check out. On my way there I ran across a man who stuck up a convo. Basic stuff like "This is a big gym, I'm a personal trainer from Miami, it's nice when hotels are equipped, oh am I here for the conference, how long am I staying?", blah blah. I was polite and answered thinking nothing would come of this but continued throughout my workout. Towards the end he bothered me again and asks if I wanted to have breakfast with him since I was leaving soon. I thought about it a little then I decided, oh I'm never going to see this dude again and a free meal wrong decision. I thought he was nice and was a little hopeful. On our way out he asks if I was going to stretch. I was like I will when I get to my room then he was like he can help me. Me thinking he was a professional, I thought nothing of it, in fact I was curious. He proceeded to molest me. Hands in crotch area and boobs. I'm thinking, I don't think stretches go that way. I was furious, however I didn't cause a scene. That was one of the most rude encounters I've had in the real world. When I have issues trusting people, this is one of the reasons, some people just like to take advantage of you, it's so messed up.

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