Bahama Mama

With my upcoming dive trip in a few weeks, I thought I'd share this post on my Bahama's trip last Summer, enjoy!

I love to travel alone sometimes. Doing so means I can do whatever I want don't answer to no one. My trip to the a Bahamas this summer was quite eventful.

My first negative experience on the island was my first cab. As soon as I got out the airport and hailed a cab, got in, he(cabbie) wanted to make conversation. His first question to me was

"Am I a tranny?" I looked at him incredulous like wtf. He went on to say that a lot of them come to the Bahamas. He was asking for a friend outside he pointed to some man standing close to the cab who had this weird grin on his face. He then turned towards me and asked my name. I was thinking, ok if I were trans how would you know if I gave you female name and why is it your business anyway? That was my welcome to the Bahamas. Straight up rude. I feel like I got cursed wyyñ ith bad cabbies because my Taxi cab on the way back to the airport was even more uncomfortable, the conversations he brought up, I'd rather not share. So distasteful. Do these folk have any respect?

Being in new territory I love to explore the different cuisines, needless to say I was highly disappointed.

I got really bad customer service while trying out the local food at their "fish fry" which was supposedly a happening spot. Not only did I not enjoy the meals I even got harassed while having dinner in a patio.

A local decided to flirt up with me. I'm waiting on my meal and some local sits opposite me. " hey Beyoncé, Halle berry, nice skin lady Rihanna baby, other patrons at the restaurant surrounding me were surprised by this outburst as well. I guess they pitied me having to endure this mini commotion. I look up from my phone and thinking what does this guy want. He begins generic flirts and bragging.

I told him it was rude to interrupt me and that he should offer to by me a drink if he wants to have a conversation, he was like oh I make so so and so I can get this drink for you that I should come hand out with him later that night give him my number yadayada. As he was talking my food come and I told him he should get my meal as well since he is "loaded" you want to take me out I want to be fed well. He was like no he can just get the drink.

I wasn't having it that evening, overstaying his welcome upon my body language. I embarrassed him and I sent him away. You're not going to pay for my meal or get me a drink and be polite if you want to sit to chat, you brag about imaginary mansions and being an artist in Europe, having your painting in galleries yet you are here peddling coconut shell turtles to tourists but you see me as some trophy to chat up like I'll easily fall for your lies.

Then he goes you're one of those girls I see now you don't like n word you like white men blah blah that he can should me what a real n word is that I'm missing out white mans bitch lol people were like raised eyebrows. This was insane ahaha. Even now that I'm writing this still makes me laugh him thinking I would stoop low like that, get real. The staff there was laughing, like do not go to this restaurant folk if it's on Yelp I don't remember the name of the place but I why did the staff think this was a joke? I wasn't laughing I can't go someplace to go eat and have some rude idiot ruin my meal.

When rejected some men resort to name calling etc...(I have another tale about this in my respect post did you see it?)

On my first day on the island, I decided to go jet ski after my miserable lunch. I asked for directions from a local and he decided to become my "friend" want to hang out and help me find my way. I ditched him once I got to my destination. Thanks for the help but that's it. What else where you expecting? He told me he was from Florida but going to school locally. Anyway, the man I rented the jet ski from liked me and wanted me to come hang out at their base camp on Atlantis Beach, he'd come pick me up from my hotels beach and take me back, he asked if I liked snorkeling, his company does that and parasailing then took my number. I wasn't going to meet up with him and didn't think much about giving him my number but decided to the next day since I had some free time to spare after diving. Honestly I cannot live on an island, I'd be bored to death, there literally is nothing you can do except have a beach life and drink.

This man, (we'll call him Jet because I don't want to keep writing this man) upon picking me up informed me to tell the others once we got to Atlantis that I was his Bahama mama so they wouldn't bother me. (I said no such thing) Earlier during the day I told my dive instructor that a local (Jet) had invited me to Atlantis beach to go parasailing. He told me to be careful, that the locals were raping tourist girls. I'm guessing maybe that was how he tried to protect me, (he seemed like a decent guy) and also get an ego burst by claiming I'm his Bahama mama. He also could have been trying to claim me, who knows, I thought he was nice but sorry we can never be together it thanks for the free rides. He wanted to be seen with me like like I was a big deal or something and it made him happy. One particular crazy there desired for me to get on his Jetski because he wanted to show me "dolphins" like a stupid like he had read days seriously like I would not rent a JetSki from you or I want your dick because you look like a rapist!!! He was acting like one too grabbing me, ugh, it was so disrespectful. I am your customer, please do not hit on me. It was insane. I'm not a trophy. Hanging out with Jet, I kind a got a little sense of how the locals are.

Bahamas to me=Bad service, tourist tax, rip off cabbies, forward locals. To make things worse my phone died on my this trip so I lost everything I documented, all the pics and awesome selfies. The good part of it was getting a new phone when I returned home. Rip to android, my experience with you was short lived but interesting and hello apple again.

The diving was fantastic though. I'm so happy I did it, so life changing and rocking an item of my bucket list. You could say I'm proud of myself. I went alone and faced some fear and came out better than ever and learned so much. Life is wonderful. I'm addicted

I met family at the dive shop too we all arrived same day saw lots of fAmiliar faces. It's so nice to see family's have this kind of trip, how amazing must it be to be those kids who scuba dive. You'll have a lot to talk about when you get to school and inner they would so be cool kids. I'm going to be one of those parent who gets her kids certified. There's so much to learn and to see must start at a young age. I hope I am fortunate enough to do this but I really must, it's a life goal for me. I need merkids dive buddies

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