Your Royal Penis is Clean Your Highness

An erotic piece I wrote a few months ago. All fictional.

It's well known that Kings are considered gods and worshiped in many cultures.

Most honorable glorious rod of might and "power" war lord the supreme ruler Mason III (lol sorry can I come up with a god sounding name ahaha. Don't laugh to hard) rules with a firm fist (and rod of course). Champion of all lands worshiped among the 7 kingdoms, conqueror of the world.

Yet again another land conquered by my Mason it was a bloody mess, and the spoils of the war were captured. Some to work the lands and the young ones as whores for the God.

******We return to the kingdom bathhouse. Mason is taking a walk in his gardens and a the harem housekeeper seeks his attention*****

"Master, we bring you a gift. Yes she was captured at the start of the war. She is a stubborn child. I am getting her ready for the quarters" old hag lady speaks in her scratchy voice. "Lead the way" he instructs her. They walk into the building passing the fine drapery till they get to a big hall. In the center a young lady in on the floor and bound. "Release her!" he ordered. "Oh no master this child is a runaway. She has tried to escape 6 times in 2 days. Thus we have restricted her, my apologies" He looks at the old maid "I do not want my property to be treated as such." He glances at the girl. She is a very beautiful one. He is pleased with this new possession. Stubborn ones are always the most fun breaking, and the most pleasure in the end.

"You slave girl come here." He orders. The guards drag her over. And strip her. She covers her body with her hands ashamed. He inspects this possession. Walking around her. Then nods to the guards and they leave the room

"My my my, what is your name, speak?!" She is silent. Looking downwards her hair covering her face. He tilts her head up with his fingers. "You will speak when spoken to. I don't want disastrous things to happen to you." He slides his hands down her body and gropes her tits, all the way down to the curve of her butt and cups it gently. He then slips his fingers between her thighs. he rubs his fingers along her slit. She resists and looks away shamefully. My my my, such a hot and feisty young. I will have to teach her who is boss. The he glides his fingers into her tight cunt and she lets out a moan. Ah the little girl is not so resistant after all. He works her pussy with his skill full hands till she's panting and leaning on him and releases her wet juices all over his hands. "Delicious", he seductively says as he brings his fingers to his lips to have a taste. Then he makes her lick her juices off his hands. He smirks at her then leaves the room. Sends for the chamber maids to take her to the concubine quarters. Not today he thinks I have great plans for this one. I want her wet and willing and I'll take her by surprise. No one can resist me.

Elise lives in the house for 2 months. All his highness concubines are well taken care of well dressed and fed and free to go to the city to shop. She is never called upon by Mason. She thinks about her first encounter with him always and wonders if he will see her again. Maybe this is his way of punishing her because she was disobedient. If only I get a chance. She lays in her bed and once again replays memories of her encounter with Mason. Thoughts of Mason making her orgasm over and over again. Slowly slipping her fingers into her wet pussy and working herself till she cums hard then passes out for the night. Her wetness sticking between her thighs and the familiar tingly feeling lingering till one fateful evening.

It was a beautiful hot summer day when...

"Elise, get up. You are being summoned. Lazy girl. You sleep so much." (Ok I will call old house lady Muriel) she shakes her awake "Ugh Muriel what did I do now? I just feel so good" she stretches I feel really good. Look at my lovely tan" she flashes a smile. "Silly child. I need to get you cleaned up." "Ooh what's the occasion now, don't tell me it's a line up. I'm never picked you know that, just leave me out here. " "Nonsense, you were specifically requested. Your massage skills were heard off. You'll be putting them to good use tonight. Now hush your mouth and let's get you pretty." She rolls her eyes as they walk but inside she's screaming. Omg omg. This is very strange. What could possibly be happening.? Is he going to kill me? Am I finally...a million thoughts running into her head. She is prepped and walking towards the famous bathhouse. It was a private quarter only to be used by Mason and who ever he invites in. Stories were told of the beautiful scenery and the amazing rocks that surrounded the indoor stream. (Ok let me not get into too much description or I'm going to get carried away. Let's get to the ehrm...😍😏 omg I'm blushing so hard....)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Background Earlier in the day Elise had some aphrodisiac slipped in with her breakfast. Strong enough to make you pass out to prepare for an impending session. You wake up feeling really good and but when you are in the presence of a mate your hormones amps up x1000 and if you have had lingering thoughts about the person you can only imagine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

She enters in the the building carrying a glass bottle of oil. As she reaches down the hallway she notices a shadow, she is nervous and her breath speeds up. She is wearing this outfit. (I we do this play the scene starts from here. 😈) Mason is standing in the middle of the room with just a robe on. "We meet again. Remind me what your name is?" "Elise." "Ah...the feisty one, tilts his head to the side, " I've been watching you." He scopes her. Omg she thinks, wetness seeping out her love parts. He knows the potion is taking action. "Now then let's carry on. Your outfit suits you but I'd rather have it off." Elise knows her head in agreement begins to take off... "Not so fast. On a second thought I want to see you wet. Its something I've imagined ever since I first laid eyes on you". Now this is a strange request having just taken a bath but she complies. Water dripping down and wets her white dress and her hair. It begins to stick to her lithe body. Mason can feel himself harden at this site. He loves the rain for this reason. Nothing better that wet and tight clothes on a sexy lady. He just wanted to have her then and there. He approaches her his eyes red with passion. "Oh tonight is my lucky night he says. 2 months wait well worth it." Elise is confused by these words. He picks her up legs wrapped around his waist pressing into each other's body as they embrace and he kisses all over her body, hot makeout session .

He grabs her and turns her around. She can feel his hardness pressed against her behind he the shoves her against the wall grinding his cock on her and groping her body then rips her bra off and she is naked before him. Perfect. He spanks her ass then slips one finger into her drenching snatch she moans in surprise. Then he slides 2 perfectly manicured fingers into he and pumps them. Her juices are sliding down his hand. She is cumming like crazy her knees are visibly shaking. He can feel himself get harder. God he just wants to feel those juices on his cock. He turns her face and they make out then she goes down on him.

She is sloppily sucking his hard cock, her pussy is creaming and juices are dripping down her thighs. He tells her he wants to taste her. He then picks he up and places her on a nearby rock and dives headfirst into her caramel bliss. she is writhing at his cosmic ministrations, and cums all over his face. He loves that very much and doesn't stop till shes screaming and cumming again. Then he flips her and shoves his hard cock into her tight pussy and fucks her really hard, smack smack on her ass omg, his cock has never felt better. He grabs her hand behind her back and rails that tight snatch, then he flips her around and pounds her pussy mish. She reaches down and rubs her clit as he pounds into her. It is so swollen from cumming so much. He pushes her legs over her head and fucks the shit out of this naughty slut making her cum and spill her juices all over his wet dick. God he loved that. He bent down to have a taste of her and slips a finger in while he strokes his hard cock. He wants to giver her a mother load. He picks her up and carries her to the bed in the corner and tosses her on it. He then lifts her petite body and places her on his rod and moves her up and down his shaft. she is bouncing like crazy, the build up inside both of them is intense. Elise then gets up, he is surprised at this and she begins to finger bang her tight pussy above his face wow. Watching those small fingers slip into those wetness almost sent him over the edge but he has great composure. She is unexpectedly squirting her sweet nectar all over his face. He can't help but to press his lips to her cunt and she tasted amazing. They then embrace in a hot wet kiss with Elise grinding on his dick. He can feel her wetness all over him, he spreads her ass-cheeks and smacks that ass. "Ooh..." she moans then she starts to cum all over his dick. What a creamy mess. She collapses and rests her head on his neck panting but no he isn't done with her, he thrusts his dick into her soaking fuck hole and drills her. Then pushes her head down to the bed and pounds into her, he has reached the point of no return. He tells her he's going to cum and she gets on her knees and sucks his pole till he spills inside her warm mouth mmm. Some of his cum dripping down her face to her tits and down her body. It was a hot mess.

They both lay in bed for a little while spent then Mason asks Elise to bathe him and prepare to massage.

What she was originally here for. How did we get carried away... She cleans him up and they get a little frisky in the hot tub. Sexy bath time getting all nooks and crannies cleaned up, some heavy makeout and pussy eating and rimming at the edge of the tub. Wow, they just never stop playing and sure enough she cums on his talented fingers. He picks her out the tub and they make way to the bed for some oily fun.

He lies on bed on stomach face down. Then Elise proceeds with the session. Gets on your back and rub you. I then tell you to flip over. I move the front and lean over you. My scent is overwhelming you, my tits in your face and you are getting bothered some heavy breathing. You chat with me a little as I massage. I get on you cg style and work your shoulders. You are visibly getting bothered and I can feel it. I already knew you were into me. I "accidentally" slip my bare crotch on your cock. You moan a little and I smirk. You are in for a wild time. I get off and proceed to massage your lower area. I ask if you are OK with this. I start from your legs and work my way to your thighs ever so bringing my fingers closer and closer to your center. You are getting really hot and hard. I am grinning and I tell you you are a bad boy. I am still rubbing your thighs close to your cock. You really want me to touch it and I know it. Then I slip my hands and I grab you. You let out a sigh and I stroke on you I can feel the precum seeping out. I proceed to massage your package giving you an intimate massage. I get on the bed and use both slippery hands on you, then I decide to taste you precum while locking eyes with you. All hell breaks loose in your mind. You are extremely turned on A wet and bj and you grab my head you are getting close. You really want to fuck me again. Then I suddenly stop. climb on you and rub my body against yours spreading oil everywhere . I apply more oil on you and begin to slide on your body. It is such an erotically hot massage and stimulating. You can feel my wet pussy on you and you can't take it anymore once I begin to cum on you then you flip me over and tell me I've been a tease and I deserve what I'm getting. You bend me, doggie daty with fingers in my slippery pussy. I am so wet you cannot wait to shove you cock in me.....but you want me to beg for your pole. You tease me rubbing your dick against my cunt but never going it. I am dripping and needing that inside of me but you surprise me and gently thrust your cock inside my ass. Wow. I am taken by surprise and you fuck my sweet ass so good, smack smack, I am cumming on your cock squirting everywhere, my body is writhing in pleasure but you do not stop pounding me and I start to cum all over again, it is too much for my body but I am getting what I deserve, you tell me that, you were bad girl when you first met me and you are giving me the best punishment. I then sit on your hot rod rcg anal and go wild. you love fucking my ass and are almost about to blow. You pull out and spray hot thick seed all over face, I flick my fingers and scoop some for taste yum, you taste so good. Before you know it I am spent and passed out. What an eventful night.

Don't you want me to be your concubine? Ahahahaha



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