Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving

Isn't the year comingt to a fast end? Black Friday already, and a wet one too. Any of you into the craziness of Black Friday? No thank you. Soon it's going to be Mariah season on the radio, if it hasn't started already (aka All I want for Christmas is You.) Honestly I detest Christmas radio and 'cause it's so repetitive.

It not even December and I've seen extravagant house decorations. Some people really go way out with it, very much into the Christmas spirit. In a way I must be Miss Scrooge ahaha. Christmas is a normal day to me. I feel everyday should be a special day, not one designated day to receive gifts or go to "church". The holidays essentially is a big marketing ploy for retail.

My Turkey Day was quite eventful. A long rainy and foggy drive to meet family in Dallas. A couple wrecks on the road but in the end it was great. I enjoyed reconnecting with folks I hadn't seen in 2yrs. Last year Thanksgiving I spent alone. Truthful, it's not really my thing, I didn't grow up with Thanksgiving in Africa so I don't have much feeling for it, I'm sure there are many foreigners who feel the same.

There are so many things I'm thankful for, you guys being one of them, without you I wouldn't have been able to accomplish so many goals this year, I'm so thanksful. My family, my health, being single, and the few good friends I've met. What are you thankful for?



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