I'm not Stupid

Remember when I wrote about lying. This is the tale of a host who tried to scam me, little did she know I knew better. It was a terrible first experience.

My previous shoot (April 2016) was such a hassle. I rented an Airbnb as a location for my April shoot and the host gave me hell.

I'm very particular about not touching peoples property without permission. Things could get, "missing, broken, e.t.c" and you'd get the blame for it.

I was really looking forward to my shoot, the pictures on the site looked amazing, and the loft was spacious ( I wish I could share the link here but that might be trouble).

I asked the host if I could check in early with my photog, she agreed, she said I could If I finished the laundry for her housekeeper, i.e put it in the washing machine, later she was like I didn't have to do that, I could just show up but to let her know when I leave another guest would be checking in the following afternoon.

I got to the location around 2pm and he came an hr later. The place was decent, furniture not as advertised blah blah. blah, regardless. While I was finishing up with my makeup, photog calls my attention to living room then he tells me when he opened the curtains it fell apart. Mind you, that was the only curtain not open in the whole place. I was like hmm...it's weird like it was broken or something so we didn't mind much. So I had the shoot there and we left the place about 3hrs later.

The next day the host messages me "oh did everything go as planned" yada yada and I'm all positive and co. Her message also had the review the place link too (slick). Anyway, 3 days later, she writes me and says, "Hey, I had my housekeeper send me a photo of a curtain rod that was bent after your stay. My husband tried to fix it, but unfortunately he was not able to do so. I'm going to send a resolution request that will have you cover the costs to replace it. I'm not sure if you were pulling on it, while posing or what, but we do ask that anytime something happens to please let us know. It is now an inconvenience to our next guests as they can't close the curtains and have someone sleeping on the couch. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I'm buying the cheapest one I can find."

I'm reading the message like huh but I rapidly reply 'cause I was rushing to the airport.

A few days later I get a notice in my email, I've completely forgotten about this (touring) It was from the resolution center she's like to Airbnb, "Condition was excellent in August of '15 as it was new. Since then, I am unsure of use and abuse by those staying in the condo, but there has been no visible signs of damage prior to this stay and as the unit owner I was the one who cleaned the condo so that an early check in could be accommodated. It is going to require to have to hire someone to hang the new rod in addition, so I have included that in the price. We have already tried to fix it on our own and this has taken a few hours of our time as we have to get a ladder, from a friend, do the work and then return it. It is also going to affect our next guests' stay as they will not be able to black out the room for those sleeping in the living room over night. " To me in the center she writes privately, Hey, I usually try to fix something on our own, but unfortunately we couldn't and if I didn't think it would impact someone else's stay, I would not be concerned, but it obviously will.

She sent an outrageous amount.

I wrote Airbnb and said this I'm writing this while on "Vacation" because of an email I received. I was told Sunday that a curtain rod that I did not break was broken. I hastily said that I would cover the expense of the rod but now she is asking for 5 times that, and today she is telling me that she needs to hire a labor even though no hardware was involved. But I digress. I find the situation entirely unacceptable and she sent no proof of the damage. I feel like she's trying to take advantage of my good will.

Because clearly this lady set this shit up and was trying to get extra money from me I mean you don't open curtains and it bends no way. I decided to write my review on the place then, the deadline to submit was the next morning I wanted to read what she wrote on me. Although I was extremely disappointed I was courteous and I said The place was clean an in a good neighborhood but caveat emptor. There may be things that aren't working an you'll never use but you will be held responsible for. That was that. She then decide to write me privately under that an said,

Elise, I know I emailed you already about the curtain rod, but I wanted to mention one other thing. I know that you were using our space for a photo shoot and that the leather ottoman is a distressed look, but we could see high heel marks all over it. It actually used to look distressed without peeling the way it does and I can only attribute that to others using it like you did, or kicking their feet up on it. Out of courtesy to the homeowner's where you might be staying in the future, and even if you did something else here, please just keep in mind that this is still our home, even if we don't live here right now. I still gave you high ratings, but I just thought I'd point that out so that it doesn't accidentally ruin someone else's furniture in the future. If it had been brand new leather, it might have left some really obvious marks.

She seems to crave conflict. It's weird she would mention this to me. Long story short she did not succeed, just looking for a handout. I wish all unscrupulous people were not on that site, you can't trust anyone.

From a housekeeper, to her husband an a ladder, to maintenance to ottoman, she can't keep a story straight. Waiting several days to come up with an extortion "plan". I wasn't born yesterday.

The current shoot I did earlier this month is giving me a headache at the level of unprofessionalism. I don't want to go into much detail on this but as the saying goes fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, well it's the third time and I've had it. The same repeat pattern, burning bridges with me. The third time would not have happened if this wasn't an apology deal but this just won't cut it. I will not be a repeat client and stick to my plans. I hope you like it when I "eventually" debut them. I'm being sarcastic.

There are times I wish I could show face in ads but the negatives far outweigh any positive I could think of. Some things just aren't meant to be shared publicly, don't you think? Where's the mystery?

On an interesting note completely off point... Nails not good for fixing zippers. Are you confused??

Shorter nails are much better for craft work. I don't get them long but when I have to do crafty things like sewing, weaving tracks oh boy. It takes forever.

I was gifted a beautiful plunging neckline skater dress last year, wanted to use on my shoot. I tried it on and the zipper was busted, had to fix it. After a couple mins of trial and error, I finally got it to straighten but the zipper still wouldn't budge. I decided to deconstruct it. I honestly should have done that first and saved some time but I thought I wouldn't need to. There is room for correction but I did what I could best with these nails. It was such a hassle. Can't be a perfectionist now. I tried hehe. Needless to say I'm pretty crafty with my hands hehe. Wouldn't you like to find out?



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