Hello! 1st post...Because I love me #princess

I decide to post updates and selfies of myself on here, for your wanton eyes. Also cause I enjoy writing for leisure. Enjoy these snaps of me in my private moments. I know your dying to see my gorgeous face. Look how beautifully my hair cascades in waves down my bosom. I bet you're dying to run your fingers through its softness and drift your fingers to other destinations. I am a work of art, I appreciate admiration.

I enjoy teasing you. Knowing that you are craving my gentle touch and presence drives me wild with desire. Seductive dance for you, I look at you in amourous ways, my movements so hypnotising, caressing my tender skin and bat my eyes welcomely at you, the hollows and cravice of my collar bones yearning for you to plant soft kisses.

My school girl outfit looks tasty doesn't it? I have 2 of these actually. This is the R-rated costume, the other one is pg-sweet :) I know what you're thinking now... I love to roleplay and wear nice lingerie/costumes, creative mind, imaginationland :).

My nipples are trying to break free in both of these looks. Lace lingerie is so sensual, it fits a tease like myself.

Stumbled unto some new music. I have wide spread taste in music, and always take recommendations on any new sound. Music, good music is beautiful and makes me feel, how can I describe this... it makes me feel really good. I love how jazy this piece is, it's so sexy. I love her voice, it's unique, almost manly, I thought she was a he at first.

You can check it out if you wish. The Youtube link in the corner.


Elise xoxo

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