Airport hotel mishaps

I had an overnight stay in Orlando last month, super busy airport, the lines were ridiculously long. I could see this from my rooms balcony. I'd say one of the easiest airport hotel experiences ever. I literally had to get up 3hrs before my flight, it was perfect. Anyways, why this hotel is also memorable is because of an incident that occurred during my short stay.

First let me mention how much I love Aunty Anne's cinnamon nuggets #cheatfood. They're my favorite, anytime I pass by a stand I just have to stop, luckily I saw one at the airport while I was locating my hotel so I rushed back to grab some when I was free (my dinner for the night. Weird huh, well let's just say I passed out and missed dinner, I had a mango shake from the bar at 11pm. Too late to have a meal and I wasn't really hungry) Anyway on that fateful day after the scrumptious purchase on my return back to my boudoir, I decided to stop by the business center to print my boarding pass. Munching on those rolls as I browsed, I can still taste it in my mouth ahaha. I love food, Even though I don't look like it😁. Best part about extended dates, my guests love watching me eat, it makes them happy to see this tiny thing consume so much food. I am not shy to eat in front of people, much appreciation of great food. Oh and bread😉😉😉😉 "the perfect bread" *inside joke. Back to my tale... Mission accomplished, time to headed back to my room. I get to the elevator and there's a family going in, all ladies, and I ask them if they were going up. They seemed uncomfortable, the youngest told me yes and the oldest said no. Regardless I decided not to get in with them and took the next one available. Sure enough they see exit me on the same floor with with. How tides turn. The lady that rejected my question looked so ashamed but I kept my head high and walked past them. They were just checking in.

What was I going to do, steal your things? Attack you? Be belligerent and obnoxious in a 10 sec lift, or just get off on my floor? It was ridiculous. Ignorant people are really just plain stupid. It's not the first time I've dealt with such. Never had to till I moved here. Will the world ever change?

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