8 months in...experiences

It been 8 months since I first ventured into this business and here are a few things I've learned from personal experience.

  • People are crazy and some providers BSC

  • Screening is very import and even if you screen some individuals are good with some girls and not with others, ymmv situation. I've had incidences with good screening but they turned out to be assholes or timewasters. See letter blog example.

  • Screening can be unnecessarily difficult when you come in contact with uncooperative individuals or providers. Sometimes providers try to steer you away. I had one who had personal issues with the client I was going to see and gave me false information. This provider alao told me this client was seeing me cause she wouldn't see him anymore meanwhile that wasn't the case.

  • You can tell a lot about someone from what they post/how they interact on social media. If you're a people reader like myself this is easy to do.

  • Some providers are insecure and lie

For whatever reason if they feel threatened they will gossip and slander. These are snakes under the green grass. For example I had a provider trash talk to me about another provider I was going to meet for no reason just cause I mentioned I was meeting her. Probably to poison my mind but it doesn't work that way with me. Unfortunately some people are basically weak minded sheep who believe what is fed to them by expert manipulators. You don't want to be around negative folk. No need for negativity but with sex work there is always some drama, in one form from childish individuals who indulge in this high school game cause it makes them feel better about themselves, you could call them trolls.

I grew up in Africa and all these "games" are on a different level. I say this in the sense it's not behind your back but they are more direct. I will also point out that you need to humble yourself, laws there and not like here in the USA and folk can get away with heinous acts. If you "front" a lot aka feel like you're better than others, people who don't like that will put you in your place. They can even go as far as pouring acid on you. Or performing some juju. It's very superstitious there and heaven knows if this juju works but to strong believers it does and it changes people. They can also plan attacks on you where you can be beaten up or even kidnapped, raped and tossed someplace. They won't kill you but they want to take you down from your "high horse". And speaking of being kidnapped some people can sell you for sex. You would be taken, used and dumped somewhere. I remember when I was a kid, a ladies body was found with her breasts cut off. Things like this happen, whether it was for a ritual or whatnot. People can be evil.Which is a good reason to humble yourself and be nice wherever you go. There's even superstition of old people cursing you. When an old person cursed you you're done for. So respect is pretty big where I'm from.

Now done with rambling. Back to things I've learned

  • These hoes ain't loyal' straight from Chris Brown a lips and the many artists who have sung about "hoe loyalty", it is very true. Not everyone wants to be your friend. Not everyone wants the best for you.

Now as far as this saying goes,from retarded Twitter wars to providers who will sell you out for their own profit. This has happened to me when I was 3 months in a particular provider sold me for her own gain. Pretended to be my friend, pretended to help me (but never did) scheming behind my back the whole time. This person also set me up with a man I never wanted to meet, said he was a good friend of hers. I previously met this person in civvie life of a dating site before I got into escorting. You know when you meet someone and decide you're not into them and never want to cross paths, a DISASTER date. Imagine the shock of my life when I saw this person again. I will say that is my #1 WORST experience to date. Planned with this person and got paid and played me like a fool. There is a lot I could say but long story short, some people are out for themselves. It's a dog eat dog world out there. I'm not asking for anyone's pity but I want my readers to know, newbie provider or not to open your eyes and be wary of the people you meet.

  • Be careful with people who gossip see posts above. If they have nothing good to say about someone who knows if they'll speak ill about you behind your back.

I'll add more to these as I think about them.



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