Update on Princess Elise. New photos from ameProvocateur, new website

I had this interesting photoshoot with a friend of mine. He told me this crazy idea of "oh accidental death and milk all over me". Of course I was interested. Anything for art. Granted it's not the first time I've done a food play shoot or worked with milk and let me tell you it so dries my hair out and I HATE THE SMELL ON IT! Protein does that, even the "organic" kind :P

I really love the end result in this my body looks amazing! Let's just say I had a cold milk bath that evening. Even though I did this fun shoot, I felt like an art project, not bad per se but I wish this friend told me earlier about his other friends wanting to shoot me too. More like perve on a naked lady. *This is the part where you laugh* My friends have seen me naked, can anyone else say that? Elise au naturel form.

So enough about that tale, what else is going on since my last post? "Tis the season of graduations" and I attended on this past weekend. It's so nice to cheer friends for accomplishments and make them feel great. I felt great and a bit nostalgic, made me miss school. I hope to return back to further my education plus I'd just love to graduate again. When you have that center stage moment and it's your name called and you feel incredible, tears of joy. I remember I cried my graduation day but not at the ceremony. It was like omg I can't believe it's over and I made it! All the years of struggle in school and accomplishing a goal is an awesome feeling.

On other news I got more gifts from you know yourself. My outfit to the grad was one of them thank you much! I do love to be spoiled.

Last week I returned back to the same salon that gave me a headache. I'm not sure if I wrote about this last time but the wait there is ridiculous even with an appointment. 2nd chance and still same bad service. I so don't like having to wait 3 hrs to get out of a building just to get my hair straightened, crazy. But the results turn out fabulous and keep me in a skippy mood, #bombshellprincess. Then again always a happy bunny. You'll find out when you meet me and if you have already you know the deal :)

Whether you hobby occasionally or not screening is important for both parties.

Gentlemen make my life and yours easy by screening. It's for your safety and mine as well. If you blindly see someone what kind of risk are you putting yourself up to? I'm not trying to get your personal info and creep on you like some crazy person. I'm also not going to risk my safety to meet a stranger for an outcall who won't screen. I'm not going to end up in a body bag or worse, well I think that's the worst but Princess Elise still has a long life and a lot to accomplish, so many things I need to do and people to meet and so much sugar. I wish the same for you as well.

I had a shoot this week with the awesome ameProvocateur(formerly Dirtylooks Photography) and let me tell you guys I'm so happy with the images. I am currently updating my website it's put me in an extremelly good mood.

On an ending note I'm so happy to have encountered some of the gentlemen that I have that make me feel special and most times super exhausted . I love dates like them and hope for many more. Good Karma for a belle young femme mwah mwah. Reward yourself by reserving tantalizing and extended sessions with an insatiable minx. You won't regret it.



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