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So it's been a while, life has been interesting so far I've met some amazing people and not so favorable. Hope you have time to read my post because it will take a few mins of your time, but I thank you in advance. Follow me on Twitter if you haven't I post more frequently on there @Elisebellefemme. Again I apologize for the long delay, but I never stopped writing. Thus this being a super duper get the drill.

I'm so glad to have discovered this artist,

Milo Manera ( thanks to one of my good clients, I love his work, its so sensual, erotic and sexy. Now if only I could read Italian, haha. Looking at his work, brings a smile to my face. Nice to see some liberated art work. Here are a couple more(images credited Milo Manera).

I've been escorting for a month now. This business is not all glam like it seems. I enjoy my time getting to know respectable men and I get to understand men in a different light. The unfavourables I'll never have anything to do with them ever. Some life lessons are well learned. I wish could write about my mishaps but I don't kiss and tell. Its so unladylike but if any provider out there needs to know feel free to message me and I'll tell you who to avoid. I like being low volume and plan to stay that way. Selective with who I see and partake in the best experiences.

So what has happened this month I didn't write? Went to the rodeo a couple times it was fun and my first time as well. A new experience. I also toured Dallas. I had a lot of fun there and will return. I am so spoiled by one of them, Dallas has nicer gents than Houston.

I also met the lovely lady Belle Huxley, this past weekend. She is hilarious, I love her and oh so yum. Follow Belle if you haven'tTwitter@Sensualbelle

I'll try to update more on this blog or maybe even start a tumblr. It's much easier for me to blog on there. I do have a sugarbaby/escort tumblr but I'm not quite sure if I should share that publically.

Right now I'm currently on bedrest. I had an emergency tooth extraction last week, so I'm a free bee till next week. It was my first extraction ever. I was nervous but I had an amazing dentist she was hilarious. She got so embarrassed when I asked about "kissing". She goes "uh I have to leave before sexual harrassment", her and her assistant cracked jokes and I guess, thought I mentioned this cause I was on laughing gas. No no ladies, no no no. I love when I meet amusing people people who make me smile. I smile always regardless.

On boards, gosh TER is so confusing and annoying in a way because I think they need to fix their glitches, ever since I joined on there there is one problem or the other that really shouldn't be a problem. Tell me why I get a message saying I dont have contact info or their emblem on my site when I clearly do. Posting ads on there is a hit or miss. I can't post and expect it to be up. I have to check if it was approved because of there is always a problem. Then also I tried joining the private provider board. I waited a long while, got the 3 reviews needed and applied and guess what? You guessed right if you guessed the problem. The excuse this time was that I don't have enough board posts on TER so I'm denied, like give me a break. That's not what the requirements say. Most confusing site ever. Don't get me started on ECCIE. I won't even comment about that site. Lets say some of the most unfavorable individuals are on there. So much childish drama. It's hard to believe some adults act the way they do.

Weird title eh. Here's the story. If you don't already know or haven't made my aquaintaince, you should know that I'm originally African. I spent some of my life in Lagos (born and raised) and other places, along with back and forth between the States. Cause of my upbringing I'm very much interested in different cultures since I've been super exposed. It's funny, I had a client who caught my slight accent. It's funny cause there are slips with some words, I myself don't know cause my English sounds normal to me but he goes you're not originally from here. An interesting conversation ensues and I eventually tell him. He kept guessing and asking for clues, it was such a fun night. And he's not the first to say that too. I had another client tell me that cause I'm different from "other" black girls mannerisms etc. And he made a wild deduction and was right. So here I am telling a little bit more about myself and background.

I had a shoot with one of my photog friends about 2 weeks ago, here is a teaser selfie.

He did some of my gallery pics. Can't wait to see the results soon. I will post them as well for your viewing pleasure, always :). It was a fun shoot, minus his extreme perviness lol. What can I say, I'm hot! I don't blame him, but might be the last time I shoot with him for a long while... if ever. Looking to shoot with other photogs now.

I also have a hair update (4/16). I took down my extensions this past Sunday and I'm rocking my natural hair. Here's an image for you.

If we meet, you might either see me in my natural hair or in extensions. Salon visit yesterday turned from unpleasant to great cause my stylist did magic with my hair. I'm pleased with the results, silky and bouncy. I hope you like it too.

A thousand kisses xoxo,


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