Tinder date narrative-Elise the arm candy. Thoughts running through my mind.

I can't believe my Tinder date wants to meet me again. It was kind of frustrating and a little bit boring. I had been talking to this guy for the past 3 weeks or so cause I was touring so when I was finally back in town he decided we should meet up for lunch/drinks or something. So the night came and we decided to reschedule cause it was really cold and decided on lunch the next day. The next day, Saturday, I didn't hear from him and then he later messages me "Oh a light turned on in his Porshe, he had to take it to the shop that we can definitely have lunch on Sunday". I was like ok. Later in the eveninng he messages me asking if I wanted to hang. He tells me "In a few minutes he'll know if he still has to watch his nieces" and I was like sure, what is it? Then he goes, there is an Xmas party that I should come with him. He tells me to text him my address.

In my mind I'm thinking "What??!!! Just no way." He says he could come pick me up. I was like "uh... ok errhh... sounding uncertain, then hopped into shower and got ready. After I was done, I told him I wasn't comfy giving him my address, then he tells me, he can give me an address. While he was replying I had asked him to meet me at my neighborhood Target, I had to do some shopping anyway, so I got my things while I waited for him to get me. Yes living a dangerous life lol. I've done some crazy things in my past.

He picked me up and we drove to the condo where the party was, it was a really nice place. The gent that threw the party had rented a cop. It was just weird. I asked my date "What is a cop doing here?" and then he goe his friend Mark goes all out for these Xmas parties he throws. We get in the condo, go up the elevator, get in the unit and there are lots of people in there and they are all way older than me. My date was 39/40. So they were ranging 35-60. I like stick out like a sore thumb.

It's like this really hot young lady at this party and they wouldn't stop staring at me. While I was still getting situated the host came to me to say hi and hug me. He was sexy, I was like what?!! He was so sexy, and looked really nice. I was attracted to him. Smiled and me and was like let him get me something to drink. I think he was into me but you know when you're a host it's kinda hard, if you've ever hosted an event you know how hard it is to stick around people, you have to be everywhere, I know this from events my parents have thrown, you're just so busy you can't say hi to everyone, you can but you just don't have time, you have to be everywhere, check how things are, make sure things are going well, just have to be a host. Then he goes he's going to get me a drink what do I want? Guests around me made some weird suggestions. I was thinking "fuck why am I here with my date? Fuck this guy is so hot." My date went to chat with some of his work collegues, there was this older couple in front of me at the island and she kept looking at me, she wouldn't stop, who knows what she was thinking. Both her and her beau didn't talk to me, which was fine, I didn't really care. My date whispers to me "Yeah, they think it's weird I'm here cause he normally brings busty blondes as dates but he got tired of it". While I was at the island, my dates cousin (from what I heard he used to bartend in college) was mixing some drinks, while he was doing it a lady came up to me and introduced herself and I said hi I'm Elise nice to meet you and my date goes this is Marks gf. So basically it was like "hey bitch back off. That was what her eyes were like, her eyes she looked like stay away from my man eyes when she was saying hi to me. basically that was the greeting, for me to know that he was taken. lol. Cause that was it, hi and left, that wasn't friendly at at. I don't know whether her guy said something or she saw him with me, but that was the highlight of my night it was interesting. I didn't expect that to happen. He must have a wandering eye for her to do that. She seemed like the jealous type.

My date wanted to know so much about me. He goes I'm so mysterious that normal girls would want to tell him everything, that they would be so happy to swee him, he didn' really care about them, that I'm so different. In my mind I was like yes I am. I was like you really don't want to know. Then he goes ok, tell me what kind of people you date, you know some question drill thing that some folk ask so I responded some then he says how can a girl like me see someone whos 40 something years how does a girl like me meet them that I'm not a stripper, not a call girl, not this and not that, I don't go to bars where he hangs out. How does it work he doesn't know. I felt he was too judgemental and I didn't like that. He was like 39. I was so frustrated.

Thought he might be an intersting date, his profile said he wasn't interested in hooking up, wanted something real and fun, loved church, working out was and Alumni from my college who traded oil &gas.

He drove me home drunk, lol. He said he was ok to drive, he ran 2 red lights. I was a bit terrified. I would have offered to drive, it was a stick shift but I learned how to drive with those, it's been a while though.

What a night.

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