Things I don't like + Open letter

I don't like getting reference checks if I haven't seen you past 6months or if you don't communicate with me.

  • I don't like funky breath. As much as I enjoy kissing, which is a lot, I do not enjoy bad breath, please freshen up, I will always have mints ready or mouthwash for you. DOn't be shy to use it.

  • I don't like being asked to come to a city and the person who asked does not see me. Surely we will never meet for time wasting.

  • I do not like time wasters.

  • I do not like cancelations.

  • I do not like stinky balls. Please if you're making a long trip to come see me, say 2hr plus drive please shower, that is not freshly showered at all. Sitting in a car for so long and ugh...Please be freshly showered, you'e welcome to use my facilities, I will even join you if that pleases you for the ultimate experience, be clean down there. My lips love to stray.

  • I do not like impatience

  • I do not like liars

  • I do not like gossips

  • I do not like fake people

  • I don't like people who think they are better than others. Dust to dust

  • I do not like users

  • I do not like double booking. If someone isn't responsible do not punish the innocent party

  • I don't like when providers give issues on references

  • I don't like having to ask for donation

  • I don't like games

This list could go on and I will make additions and update when I recall any I've left out.

This is a letter I shared with a client I saw a few months ago. I'm sharing this for you guys to know somethings we providers expect. I am not shy to voice my opinion....

Good evening dear,

Thank you for coming to see me today. I'm sorry your experience did not go as you dreamed. I think you're a nice person. Since you asked what went wrong, I figured I go into more detail. This is to help you with future ladies as well. Please don't take this message as an offence. Just a little advice.

As I said earlier you were too rough, my likes yes I really enjoy them but me liking those things doesn't not mean to throw all caution out the window with a lady and her privates. It is a delicate area, needing tender loving and caring, being gentle is general for all sessions. You didn't take things gradually. You don't just jam finger in there and expect it to get wet immediately, it's not a race. She needs to be relaxed not just mentally but down there as well.

You really should ask your partner, are you comfortable? Are you enjoying this? Do you want to do something else? Let me know if I'm too rough on you? What do you like? E.T.C. Ask questions don't assume things are ok. Always be concerned about your partner.

I think it was obvious I was somewhat dry but you still persisted. It was very painful and not comfortable at all. No lady likes dry sex. Discomfort is not a turn-on. You could always ask for lube to make things comfortable. Do not be shy to request this. Do not be shy to ask to play with toys to help stimulate. Plus being gentle also helps with self lubrication. Persistence doesn't make a lady wet, not at all. At a point I asked you to please be gentle but you didn't listen. At another point I tried to take your hands to show you what to do but I don't think you wanted that. When your partner makes a request, listen, cause it could help. Some concern would be great because it's caring.

Also, do not stick an un-lubricated finger in someones ass, it is not pleasant at all. It's something I do not like. Think of how you'd feel if that was done to you. Don't do this to other ladies.

I really wish the experience went a different way.

Hope you had a safe drive back home.

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