Blonde Ambition +more

New Year, new me right? A change in look was also in session. I took the plunge in December, (who goes blonde in December?), woke up one morning and decided to bleach my extensions. Previously before escorting I had dabbled in colors but when I started SW, I wanted to be dark, don't get me wrong I love dark hair but change is good. With my new shoot coming up, I wanted the color perfect. First I experimented on my old extensions (right image). New bundles in left image and current website. Spot the difference? I do.

Extensions? Yes extensions, if you weren't aware about my do, I'm schooling you on it now and if you're thinking it, no I will never bleach my real hair again, trust me I have played with color in the past and if I want to switch it up now, I'd rather not do harm to my hair, straw hair is not cute nor does it feel good. The memories haunt me, think chewing gum and you'll understand.

This current do, I bleached it 5 times. Yes, so dangerous but I learned from the first experiment in December, not leaving on longer than 20 mins. It was ok after two bleach jobs but then the roots were too dark then I bleached it the 3rd and 4th time then the roots were a little too light for me so I decided to dye it dark brown and upon rinsing some of the colors ran on the hair so I bleached it the 5th and final time. Crazy, yes I know. I would not recommend anyone do this to their own hair, go to a profession. Hehe.

Top left was the process of making my hair, bottom left was after the first two bleaches and hair on right is right after I bleached the 5th time no toner and what you see on my site is the finished result. Everything I do takes time, thought and effort.

Mini experiment results from December trials...

Brazilian hair easier to bleach and damage

Malaysian hair harder to bleach less damage

Upon research, I came a cross a products professionals use called Olaplex, I'm hoping to experiment with it the next bundles I bleach later this year but I'm a little doubtful from some of the reviews I've read on it.

On this current set, I only protected with coconut oil, I read that was good to coat the strands with and it works pretty good actually, minimal damage. This set is much healthier than the first and I processed it a lot more it.

Results of future bleach job, yet to be seen hehe but, each time I do something I get better at it, goes to show you if you fail try try again, no harm in trying really. Experimenting also helped me see the color outcome (there is no color in my hair just toner). I worked hard for the blonde and I'm happy with the result. I've received a ton of compliments, thank you so much!

As usual, going to the salon still remains a nightmare to me, I have yet to find someone who meshes and understands me. I understand myself so I'm "happy" lol do do my own hair, no pain no stress but it would be nice to know someone reliable. My last visit was 4 hrs of pain, me doing my hair myself I know how to avoid that being tender headed but these stylist can't feel your pain. It was pure torture really, on a scale of 1-10 it was 15 that bad, my scalp hurt so much and the headache omg horrible. (Beauty is pain)! It was possibly the worst pain I've ever felt, maybe it was because I took a long break from seeing these stylists and my body wasn't used to it but honestly, I didn't enjoy that trip one bit, the results however, fantastic.

It took 4hrs to get the top left corner to the bottom left corner professionally, how long do you think it takes for myself to do it? So not worth it to wear my hair out. It's bye bye if sweat or some form of moisture gets to it.

I hate going to professionals most times it's either they can't handle my hair plus I always get upcharged because of the "work" they have to do. Understandable I know what they mean. Luckily with this keratin treatment I underwent, it cuts my styling time so much I am glad I did it, I was on the fence but this stylist could not do my hair and she said it would make it more manageable to trust her, well she was right.

Wash days used to be Netflix marathon days not anymore.

(it's still marathon day when I have to make my extensions. Being a perfectionist if I don't like how it turns out at the end I redo it lol. Not completely (most times) but I will take down the tracks for a bundle and redo it. (I will also accept bundles as gifts lol jk).

Stylists also tend to be a scissors happy which I hate, this latest one cut 2 inches off, 2 inches is not a trim, WTH. I'm trying to grow out my hair and you're delaying progress. In her mind she's like she's cutting off my "damaged straight ends" but hey who did that to my hair, the last stylist I went to (see pic below). PLUS I didn't ask you to make that decision for me. I hate this entitled know it all thinking.

The ends will not curl ever again and I don't mind trimming it off gradually like I've cut the color but no drastic cuts. It's like every time I visit one, I get a hair cut. Then she tells me when next I return she will cut off some more lol. Sorry lady you will not be doing so. That kind of pain I went through, you were not kind with me one bit.

Why do you wear extensions? Reasons explained above. In summary, I like to not waste my time handling my mane, plus no more heat damage. Humidity is also a problem.

More on my hair...

Please do NOT, I repeat, do NOT touch or mess up my hair. I absolutely hate when people do it honestly. It pisses me off (Even my real hair, I don' t like it).

Not only the tender scalp but with my extensions, you are messing up my hair that I spent time to get ready. Think of it like you bake a cake, you decorate it and someone places a fist through it or you organize your closet and someone trashes it in search or robbery. You understand this pic below?

I do not like to get my hair ready for someone to mess it up, please stop. Please hands away from my hair please. If you must touch, do not mess up my hair, only a few people understand this. Do not pull (I am not a horse), do not raise, do not scatter/run your hands through my hair. I feel people who are guilty of this are selfish honestly, in my experience. They also tend to book shorter sessions. Don't be a prick. I don't think I'm the only lady who feels this way. If you want to mess my hair up, I wouldn't mind spending 3+hrs with you. Make it worth my time to redo.

I don't want to see people who make me angry. Being angry is bad for my spirit.

I miss rocking braids honestly. I haven't had them done in a while (probably 2013, I worry for my image/marketing.) Who would see me if I showed up with braids would that be an issue?

If you were thinking it, yes I can do my braids myself too. I'm talented .

So FYI if you ever want to see me with my own hair, you're going to have to pay for a salon visit and it should be an extended date, just saying, otherwise accept how I show up (blonde currently) and always looking nice, no worries.

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