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As seen on my USA rates page, here are some more tips that will ensure our time together goes smoothly. 

I encourage you to read my website thoroughly to learn more about me and how best to set a meeting with me.

I do not discriminate based on race, age , religion, body type, disability etc.

Everything you share with me is kept completely confidential. I value discretion and I wish you do not share anything about me or our date with others as well.

When contacting me, your emails should not contain lewd nor explicit language. Do not ask about menu. Money is exchanged for time and companionship.

Please do not waste my inbox space with irrelevant information. Messages without pertinent information will not be responded to.

Do not call me unless we have scheduled a phone conversation. Doing so means you have not read (my site or ad) and I will not entertain such an individual. Email is the best method to contact me.​


Please be punctual. Lateness greater than 30 mins and we will have to reschedule. I am punctual, and will reach your desired location at least 5 minutes of the scheduled time and ask that you do the same. If I am running late due to unforseen obstacles I will inform you, please give me the same courtesy. 


Impeccable personal hygiene is a must. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Before the date, take a shower, shave, etc. so that we have a great experience. If you are coming from work or travel, I invite you to freshen up before our date. I will always be showered and well groomed every time we meet, I expect the same from you. Please do not be embarrassed if I ask you to freshen up. I will provide the necessary items for use. Do not be afraid to utilize them.


Please be a gentleman. Excellent manners are a must! Treat me with the utmost respect and I will gladly do the same.  Please do not fetishize me or use racially charged terms. Do not generalize me because of my skin shade or ask for racial role play. Treat me like a human being and not as an object. 


I require a minimum of 7hrs sleep on overnight engagements. Please do not touch me in my sleep. No cuddling no poking etc. Personal space is important to me. On multi day dates, please permit a minimum of 2hrs of personal time per day to refresh.


I am reference friendly. Please refrain from using me as a reference if we have not seen or communicated in the past 6 months. ​​​​​​​​​​​​

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