Drifting Thoughts- An Open Journal

August 14, 2019

Sept 1, 2017 

This has got to be my worst experience in Houston. I can’t wait to leave this place. My plans have be thoroughly ruined, my flight canceled a million time and here I am stuck indoor with no food, scratch that, I’ve had to eat peanutbutter, apples and banan...

August 14, 2019

August 2017

I had a fly me to you, my return home was uneventful, in fact it was the first I’d ever experienced this at an airport. I have had several funny incents during my travels, remember the one with the cozy seat partner (link here) this is far left from that. Ba...

April 4, 2017

Certain ladies act like they care when incidences happen in the mainstream media and use it as a medium to boost their income e.g. Backpage incident, BLM, Muslim ban. They come out the woodworks; oh I support the movement, donate to my charity blah blah proceeds this m...

March 30, 2017

Insecurities can cause negative thoughts. I myself have some, I'm sure we all do. Not being perfect...I think I've mentioned this earlier, being hard on myself.

Yes off course I want to be liked, but I can't force people, if you like my aura you drift towards me.  Same...

March 14, 2017

People always want to try and run over the nice girl but it's not happening, not now, not EVER!

A long time  ago when I was still a young escort lol, 6 months in, I decided to make my first trip to NYC. October 2015.  It was so exciting!! My first visit, I was ecstatic!...

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I've decided to release some of my writings that are well over a year old as I'm gearing up to release new work.

These are my well documented thoughts...


December 4, 2018

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